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20 Feb 19
Melusina Surfs

So, previously I wrote about getting started and made it sound like a sabbatical was granted and *poof* I was in Portugal. As with all things, the reality within the cut-to sequence was infinitely more varied and yes, stressful. The apartment packing was exactly like every apartment packing has ever been since the beginning of […]

20 Feb 19

The nights you feel you need someone or something, You need the universe, can’t name that one thing, The mornings you don’t want to wake up, With the universe, you’re almost fed up. Got no cigars, not inside the bars, Sleeping in the cars, dreaming to go Mars, Don’t want to eat the gars, Annoyed, […]

20 Feb 19
With Compliments

  [These are serialised extracts of all the fifty books referred to in a book published in 2015 called ‘The Top Shelf, or What Used to be Called a Liberal Education’.  The extracts are as originally published, and they come in the same order.] 18 THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES Charles Darwin (Sixth Ed., 1872) The […]

20 Feb 19
Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Litigation Blog

U.S. v. Stetkiw, No. 18-20579 (E.D. Mich. Feb. 1, 2019) [Link] Summary: Stetkiw prosecuted for conducting Bitcoin exchange business without a license. Claims that Bitcoin is not money and his actions are not money transmitting. He fails. Facts: Stetkiw charged with buying and selling Bitcoin without a license. For these transactions, he charged commissions or fees. No […]

19 Feb 19
Lowana Veal

It’s unbelievable. Iceland’s fisheries minister, Kristjan Thor Juliusson, has just signed a regulation authorizing the killing of fin whales and minke whales for the next five years. In part, the decision was based on the report on the economic, social and environmental consequences of whaling that the government commissioned the University of Iceland’s Institute of […]

19 Feb 19
Jalapeños in the Oatmeal

Lake Shore Drive.  It’s my street.  It’s my beat.  I’m the new kid on the block.  The new kid with the Seeing Eye dog.  We explore our turf, venture a little farther afield each day.  We surf the sidewalk up Belmont to Broadway, then down Diversey ‘til we hear the hum of the Drive, which […]

19 Feb 19
Bones of Starlight : Abyss Surrounding

– – 24 – “I am the monarch of the seas, living the dream that I’ve always dreamed…” The cheery tune approached them from around the corner, and they were greeted by a gentleman who appeared very merry to meet them. He was dressed Foshani, in a loose shirt of loud seaweed floral print, linen […]

19 Feb 19
Let the world see

Under the second tradition of media studies, we are looking at an alternative area of research where audiences are neither passive nor powerless but they exercise choice. The uses and gratifications model fall in this area of research, which look at the gratifications that attract and hold individuals to the kinds of media and the […]

19 Feb 19
lauren's A level religious studies revision

introductory thoughts people have always tried to prove beyond doubt that god exists, but is it possible? the Vatican claimed it could be done through reason, but provided no proof of this. the fundamental problem is that god is not human or in the universe. we cannot compare him to anything, and we cannot say […]

19 Feb 19
A Writers Existence

  I know many of you have heard of H. P. Lovecraft but for the ones who have not you are missing out. His stories are absolutely amazing. I have never seen a movie based on one of his tales that was worth watching because, I believe, his creations are meant to be read in […]

19 Feb 19
Guy Windsor

[oops! I accidentally scheduled part 2 for this week, and part 1 for next. Sorry! don’t worry though, part 1 is in the queue to post then. Part 3 is growing and growing- I thought it was about done but just added another 1000 words to it… and I’m still only part way through. But […]

18 Feb 19

When I wrote this story some 3 years ago, I never envisaged that a time would come in the history of our nation, Nigeria, that an ordinary thing like conducting an election would become  an impossible task; just like almost everything done seemed like an uphill task,  since the new captain of the estate took […]

18 Feb 19
Sunny Larue

It’s pretty scary when you are in a stage what I call the “Blah Factor.” I say this because when you don’t feel anything you become numb to nothing. You don’t care and with a mental disorder like manic depression that blah blah feeling can lead to despair. What to do when you are face with the black factor?
Hello, I’m Sunny Larue blogger, writer, storyteller, music lover and martini admirer.
My blogs are about self-discovery with a positive vibe.
My stories are about love and loss inspired by real life events.
And this is the Blah Factor.