20 Mar 19

The twenty first century has witnessed the revival from the traditional denim jeans. Major high-fashion designers such as Chanel and Dior have re-introduced jeans into their catwalk shows. The well known Gucci label hit the catwalk using a set of torn knee-length jeans which have been closely distressed and adorned with beads and feathers. When […]

17 Mar 19

Okay, three things. One, sorry this is so late going up. Our furnace went out a day or so before I planned to post it. I didn’t get any computer work done for two days while we waited to get the new furnace installed. I know I’m supposed to suffer for my art, but it […]

09 Mar 19

Perfumes & Colognes > Colognes for MenFiretrap Noir Cologne by Firetrap, Firetrap noir is a spicy men’s cologne suitable for year-round wear. Top notes of spicy pink pepper and bergamot offer a nice clean masculine start. Floral bulgarian rose combine with black pepper in the heart.

09 Mar 19

Perfumes & Colognes > Colognes for MenFiretrap Element Cologne by Firetrap, Brisk yet sultry, firetrap element combines sweetness and depth for a fresh all-occasion cologne. The simple top notes include bright fruity scents of apple and bergamot. The heart provides a complex floral accent with touches of red rose.

09 Mar 19

Perfumes & Colognes > Colognes for MenFiretrap Homme Cologne by Firetrap, Don’t let the gentle impression of the bottle fool you: firetrap homme is bursting with character both spicy and savory. It opens with the refreshing scents of mint and lavender and quickly washes into a heart of peppy cinnamon and white floral orange blossom. […]

09 Mar 19

Perfumes & Colognes > Colognes for MenFiretrap Nocturnal Cologne by Firetrap, The complex scents of a night out spice up your eveningwear when you put on firetrap nocturnal. The fresh spicy cologne opens with top notes of bergamot and pepper. The heart sings with a sensual flavor of lavender with sichuan pepper.

09 Mar 19

Perfumes & Colognes > Colognes for MenFiretrap Azure Cologne by Firetrap, Hints of a tropical vacation surrounded by lush forests and cheerful drinks give firetrap azure a characteristic freshness. It opens with the smart citrus scents of grapefruit and bergamot. The soft heart of black tea lends a touch of intrigue.

08 Mar 19
The Professional Hood Cleaning

Keeping a business kitchen smooth isn’t just a task, but it’s an integral phase of having a successful restaurant. That’s why; for restaurateurs, an important (though often overlooked) part of proper maintenance is – hood cleaning. And hope; there is no any doubt in the fact – Why Is It So Important? However, if you’ve any query regarding the importance of hood cleaning then […]

04 Mar 19

By Karen Reeds This post is part of the series ‘What Should I Eat? Why?’ commissioned in collaboration with H-Net Nutrition by series editors Kristen Ann Ehrenberger and Lisa Haushofer. Posts will appear simultaneously on both sites. Please visit and follow H-Net Nutrition.  This is a confession of intellectual hubris. When it came to vitamins, […]

02 Mar 19
Tulip Frenzy

Let’s start this here. The most interesting modern music since 2010 has been created by three Californian men, John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall of 1000 bands, and Tim Presley, mostly of White Fence. Of the three, Presley is — to me — the most enigmatic, the most frustrating, and in many ways, […]

24 Feb 19
Grenfell Action Group

Our last blog was a repost of a statement issued by Matt Wrack, the General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union, in anticipation of a programme Channel 4 Dispatches were preparing to broadcast on Monday 18th February. Our repost attracted a lot of attention among our readers and garnered more than a thousand views during […]

23 Feb 19
Ed B on Sports

Elena Sahagun is of Mexican/French-Moroccan decent. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she attended UCLA were she combined acting and pre-med courses. While attending UCLA, on a dare Elena tried out with 3000 other hopefuls for a spot on the Los Angeles Raiders Cheerleading squad and made it. She cheered as a Raiderette for two […]