First Openly Gay Rapper

19 Jul 19
The Impious Digest

A fearfully worded new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting the world is yet again on the brink of World War III as US-Australian military forces conduct their largest amphibious assault since World War II, states the urging of Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov for the world community to try to find a balance of interests on key global problems has just been met with news coming from the United States that Gatehouse Media is poised to buy USA Today owner Gannett—a merger that would make America’s biggest newspaper chain even bigger—and would make Gatehouse Media owner Fortress Investment Group the main gateway for all news in America—which is a hedge fund controlled by business tycoon Wesley Edens—about whom, aside from his being called “the new king of subprime lending” (a vile practice that brought the world to the brink of economic collapse in 2007), is a Democrat Party mega donor to Hillary Clinton—and whose ownership of nearly every newspaper in the US, will allow him to keep from the American people such true things as President Donald Trump having just come to the aid of the black rapper celebrity A$AP Rocky by his ordering Sweden to immediately improve his prison conditions while he awaits trial for unjust charges lodged against him—an order spearheaded by the Urban Revitalization Coalition—which is the White House organization created by Trump to give “A New Deal For Black America”. 

18 Jul 19
Celebrities Bio

Nick Name: Eminem, Slim Shady Birthday: October 17 , 1972 Nationality: American Left Handed Age: 46 Years, 46 Year Old Males Sun Sign: Libra Also Known As: Marshall Bruce Mathers III Born In: Saint Joseph Famous As: Rapper Height: 5’8″ (173 cm), 5’8″ Males Family: Spouse/Ex-: Kimberly Anne Scott Father: Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. Mother: […]

06 Jul 19
Gossip On This

When Lil Nas X said he had revealed something about himself on Twitter, he left his fans in the dark about the specifics. In a new interview with BBC, however, he pinned the tail on the donkey and plainly stated his truth.

04 Jul 19

“As online reviews and ratings systems have become a Western staple of determining the worthiness of a person, group or corporation,  the internet presently is a primary source of determining the quality of an entity.”-Cory Morningstar   In the late-early Aughties, along with a radical, technology-induced shift in interpersonal communications (ie, the convulsive elision of […]

03 Jul 19
Get In Her Ears

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots which triggered the modern LGBTQ+ liberation movement in the US and beyond. On the 28th June 1969, the bar’s patrons clashed with police officers in a raid that was not uncommon during that era. However, this time they’d had enough, this time the patrons fought […]

03 Jul 19
News Archives Uk

Lil Nas X – the viral hitmaker behind the "Old Town Road" – now has to defend himself against homophobic online trolls. On the last day of the Pride month, the rapper came out on Twitter in a subtle way. "Some of you already know, others are not interested, others are not gone, but before […]

02 Jul 19
Gossip On This

The young man behind the massive hit “Old Town Road” seemingly stepped out of the closet, but was it a genuine move toward being his authentic self or a brazen stunt to rack up streams?

30 Jun 19
Lowmiller Consulting Group Blog

Linn da Quebrada is a trans rapper from Brazil who uses her music to confront the challenges she has faced growing up black and queer in a Sao Paulo favela [Courtesy of Linn da Quebrada] Santiago, Chile – Ecuador became the fifth Latin American country to legalise same-sex marriage this month, a major victory for […]

30 Jun 19
Alien Girl

Previously on EUPHORIA: In a short period of time, Rue and Jules have become the best of friends. Rue put herself in danger while at Fezco’s house because around the time she stopped by, Fezco’s dangerous supplier Mouse stopped by to collect his payment and hand over a new supply for Fezco to sell. All […]