11 Dec 18
Stitchdoodles Blog

We are in to the last few days so most of the work is done on all but 1 of the petals which we will be stitching tomorrow! For today, we are going to do some filling in of several petals with 2 different stitches – Pistol Stitch and Seed Stitch… Petal 9 has the […]

11 Dec 18
Mind Squirrels

We do not accept Jews, because they reject Christ, and through machinations of their International Banking Cartel, are at the root center of what we call “communism” today. We do not accept Papists, because they bow to a Roman dictator, in direct violation of the First Commandment and the true American Spirit of Responsible, Individual, […]

10 Dec 18
Georgia Wightman Fine Art (BA)

Hans peter feldmann detailed critique of his work his use of parody serious artworks not taken seriously (crossed eyes) my ideas using the audience as the parody reinventing their appearance not being taken seriously in a professional space mirrors with crossed eyes and other features Artists Who Use Their Audience to Achieve Desired Result Ceal Floyer […]

10 Dec 18
Spitfire Words

He lay there half buried in sand, A ruined structure that once housed a man, Now housing only bottom feeders.   How he got there he can’t recall, No memories survived the fall. Who was he before?   Was he a sailor on one of the ships That pass by over the abyss, Until storms […]

10 Dec 18

No cause-and-effect relationships were described Concluding sentence A creative, clear, and interesting concluding sentence was paragraph-rubric.qxp Author: kolney Cause and Effect Essay & Paragraph Writing: eslflow webguideBrainstorming/outlining cause/effect essay & paragraph writing. Cause/effect fishbone graphic organizer 1 The organization, elements of cause-effect writing, grammar, usage, mechanics, and spelling of a written piece are scored in […]

25 Nov 18

The Inuits of Greenland would wear a fishbone, whale tooth, a bird’s beak or whatever else they could find around their necks, wrists, fingers, ears etc.  Was this to enhance personal appearance .. Possibly? Not the main purpose though!  No you see it was believed that these “personal ornaments” served a greater purpose than just […]

09 Dec 18

Prague, Czech Republic – All across Central and Eastern Europe, the main meal served for the Christmas feast is neither duck nor turkey, but carp. Yes, carp. For many foreigners, eating a freshwater fish as the main course for Christmas might be one of the most mind-boggling and head-scratching traditions of all (trust us, there […]

08 Dec 18

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT, DEC. 2, 1988 By Steve Newton Living Colour is not your typical rock ‘n’ roll band. Drummer William Calhoun is a graduate of the Berklee School of Music, where he won the Buddy Rich Award as an outstanding percussionist. Bassist Muzz Skillings has played salsa, jazz, and reggae in […]

08 Dec 18

This is one of the few pure horror stories I’ve written and I have a funny story about the story. I wrote it last year. A month or so later my family and I went to our usual annual visit to the in-laws in Constanta. As we arrived at the beach one day my husband […]

06 Dec 18
watch the web now

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a systematic approach applied to identify the real causes of a targeted problem or incident. Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Objectives: The main objective of using RCA is to evaluate problems or events to identify: What really happened? How exactly it happened? Why it happened, what are the reasons? How to […]

05 Dec 18
Academic writing

10 pictures of my work in class This day, we did our first writing piece that was a journal entry in which we talked about our first experience talking in English this fishbone diagram was the prewriting for the cause and effect essay we saw a video and read about deforestation in order to write […]

05 Dec 18
Notable Noise

Do the ads on top of the Mears cabs in Orlando ever change or are there really no restaurants here other than Charley’s Steakhouse and Fishbones? — Jason Ferguson (@jason_ferguson) December 5, 2018 from Twitter December 05, 2018 at 11:14AM via IFTTT