Flex Seal

11 Dec 18

“We aren’t exchanging gifts this year.  We’re playing rob your neighbor so bring a gift anyone in the family would love.” Cricket. Cricket. Cricket. A hate shopping.  Hate it.  Really.  That said I’m actually pretty good at buying gifts for other people.  Of course, this means that I’m shopping for specific people.  My father-in-law loves […]

11 Dec 18
Imperial Consequences

Pripyat: The Abandoned City North of Kiev, sits the quiet city of Pripyat, Ukraine. Once the home to a thriving community. Today, it is blanketed in an eerie silence, dominated by resurgent foliage and wildlife. There is not a soul in sight. Seeing the image above, I can only ask: how did this once lively […]

11 Dec 18
Site Title

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xzN6FM5x_E https://www.ispot.tv/ad/drEF/mcdonalds-1-2-3-dollar-menu-laundry-room-nice When I think of the commercial that I like, the flex tape commercial suddenly comes into my mind. In this commercial, they just simply keep demonstrating how their products work outstandingly throughout whatever situations that happened in life. One factor that guides me to like about this commercial is because, first of all, […]

10 Dec 18
Lumber Jack News

Hey everyone. I had my bathroom redone about a year ago and just recently noticed these hairline cracks on 3 of my tiles in the shower. I was wondering if these need to be replaced or they can be taken care of using a caulk or flex seal? ​ https://imgur.com/a/5joDAJP submitted by /u/RedDogNation […]

09 Dec 18
Richard Haw's Classic Nikon Repair and Review

Hello, everybody! I just got back from a trip from the ¥100 shop, it’s Japan’s version of a dollar shop and you can buy just about anything you need here for your daily needs. The products are cheap and flimsy but for people who have other priorities or those who are constrained by budget, these […]

08 Dec 18
Lumber Jack News

Hole in roof about 1/4 inch wider than pvc pipe coming outta it. I've been recommended cut away all shingles (they're regular type?) to tha wood under boards then affix uh metal boot wit flange/flashing directly onto tha wood. Adequately (flex tape?) seal flange/flashing where it meets tha wood & shingle around that. I don't […]

08 Dec 18

In this article, I will be going through every NFL team in alphabetical order, giving my thoughts on every fantasy relevant player on every team. It’s playoff time baby, win or go home! Let’s do this! Arizona Cardinals: Coming off an upset win in Green Bay and the Packers last week, the Cardinals will try […]

08 Dec 18


ghostbukkae: deep-aural-fixation: ghostbukkae: deep-aural-fixation: I wonder if they sewed Papa III’s head back on or just hot glued it? They used Mighty Putty Flex Seal, just to keep him water tight. Too many grieving widows. We cut this pope in half to show you the power of Flex Seal!

07 Dec 18
Pembrokeshire Bikes

The Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon SL Clincher Centrelock Disc Wheelset is part of the new influx of disc brake wheels that have been storming the market in recent years. Featuring technology that includes a 24 spoke setup, which increases lateral stiffness for minimal flex, a 40mm rim profile and a 25mm external width to improve handling, Mavic have created a truly great wheelset.

07 Dec 18
Rams Wire

When the Los Angeles Rams travel North to take on the Bears this weekend, it’ll be their fourth primetime game of the year.

07 Dec 18
The cool blog 1862

It might not audio like it, but condensation on ductwork is usually a serious problem, causing all kinds of secondary challenges like leaking mold and ceilings infestation. most people with condensation on their own air ducts never even learn about it, though You would possibly not believe that is a problem that people in Santa […]

06 Dec 18

FLEX-A-SEAL 4030X01C1RS1 46717 2-1/2″ Style 30X Cartridge Seal Goulds 3196 XLT – Buy – FLEX-A-SEAL 4030X01C1RS1 46717 2-1/2″ Style 30X Cartridge Seal Goulds 3196 XLT