19 Dec 18
Daniel Webb's Film Studies Blog

SynopsisReal world: It is 1944 and General Francisco Franco is the fascist ruler of Spain. Captain Vidal and his falangist troops have taken control of a mill in the mountains of Spain. They stockpile food there, giving the civilians barely enough to eat so that they can’t afford to give any supplies to the leftist […]

18 Dec 18
peoples trust toronto

https://ift.tt/eA8V8J December 18, 2018 AFC EAST Buffalo Bills: While his team sits at 5-9 and he continues to rely on young players who bring little fanfare, coach Sean McDermott actually believes such reliance is proof his plan is working. “It’s really the type of culture we’re trying to build where I can walk into the […]

18 Dec 18

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12 Dec 18
Paul's LA blog

  When I first signed up for this class, I signed up because i fit my schedule well and didnt conflict with any of my other actuvitues. Depsite being a busniness student and not knowing anythig about Lso angeles and the flm worls, this class was super interesting and I actually enjoyed some fo the […]

11 Dec 18

We’ve used assertEqual() in the previous post which is one of the assert methods in Python’s unittest.TestCase class. We know that assert methods test whether a condition you believe is true at a specific point in your code is indeed true. If the condition is true as expected, your assumption about how that part of […]

10 Dec 18
american construction of the self

Gender and Communication is one of the biggest topics inAmerica. Men are now confused how to “properly” talk to women, without offending them. It is quite simple actually. If you are trying to talk to a girl do not saying anything sexual or perverted. When a girl ignores you or says no, don’t overreact just […]

10 Dec 18
Enterprise Networking, Servers


09 Dec 18
Sara Crowley...

I published Rose Andersen’s wonderful nonfiction flash – “Dating Profile” over at FLM. Do give it a read. And I interviewed her too. She has excellent taste in TV detectives and swear words. 1) What is your favourite biscuit? A just warmed chocolate chip cookie. (I am assuming that biscuit in this case is what us […]

09 Dec 18

A submarine born virus, a quarantined city and infected monsters are the key ingredients of Operation Ragnarok, which opened yesterday in Swedish cinemas, after an exceptionally long production period. Formerly known as Zone 261, writer-director Fredrik Hiller’s Operation Ragnarok (original title: Operation Ragnarök) will be the last Swedish horror/fantasy film to premiere in 2018, which […]

09 Dec 18
The Pathfinder International

    The central Mopti Region faces “a bottom-up jihadist revolution”     A baby boy burnt alive in his mud-walled hut by a militia group. An elderly man killed by stray bullets as he returned home from a market. Villagers besieged by Islamist militants and now simply starving to death. For Doguel Kodio, a […]