14 Feb 19

The Florsheim vintage leather portfolio bag makes a handsome statement with its rich cognac leather, and is versatile with its many compartments and laptop sleeve. The perfect companion for day to day work or study.

13 Feb 19
Footwear News

From Florsheim, Johnston and Murphy and more.

12 Feb 19
Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

The story of Felix Goldsmith’s life after 1900 is a sad one. In searching for articles about him, I first found two articles that suggested he was doing very well. He had left Denver by 1908 and moved with his wife Fanny and two children Clarence and Ethel to Cincinnati, where Fanny’s family lived and where […]

09 Feb 19
Oh to be Blessing

In my previous blog post titled “6 Truths about dating I wish I knew in my early twenties”, I mentioned how I’ve always been a starry eyed romantic. Well, a huge reason for that was because I was raised by one of thee most lovely couples I’ve ever witnessed. My mom and dad got married […]

08 Feb 19
Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce

I woke up in Austin this morning. Following a Tuesday afternoon of meetings with my colleagues from Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives, today and tomorrow will be spent with the Texas Association of Business (TAB) board working on our plan for the year. (Henry is attending the 2019 TAB Annual Meeting and Policy Conference. This is our opportunity to join […]

03 Feb 19
RoadsideArchitecture.com -- the companion blog

But be forewarned, most of this is bad news.  Continuing with my annual winter project and updates to my website from clicking on those [map] links in each description.  Lots and lots of signs are now missing.  We can hope that some went to collectors at least or museums (less likely).  However, we must face […]

02 Feb 19

Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015The Undandy shoes – Shoes you design, have built in Portugal and shipped to your door Oddly, I haven’t seen anything on here about Undandy. I want to provide my thoughts on the company and my purchase through them.​Idea: Portuguese company selling relatively customized shoes you can design online. They have […]

01 Feb 19
Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce

Nearly nine years ago I was new to the Chamber world, having worked for the previous ten at an economic development organization that wasn’t a Chamber. Just a few months into my job as Chamber CEO, a colleague recommended I attend the Institute for Organization Management, better known as Chamber Institute.  A program of the U.S. Chamber […]

31 Jan 19
Footwear News

Trade wars, the economy, and gun violence were top of mind.