15 Jul 19

Hey all, back again for another week! Remember, if you want to support me and my work of three articles every single week, come over to my Patreon and pledge your heart out!   Mew2King is one of the longest tenured smashers in our game’s history, not just in Melee, but in all games. He […]

15 Jul 19

And grandson made me play shooting at the basketball net Click below for a fluke shot Nigel has been honing his climbing skills. He is seemingly fearless We bought this rose at the Village fair. The name is that of the visionary woman after whom daughter’s secondary school was named. We blessed the school for […]

15 Jul 19

#Embrace your truth

I have always had a notion about love;don’t hate it till you try it! However, right now, am beginning to think differently….. I have to sit through another episode (more like a monologue) with my two close friends as Anna drags on about how she adores her boyfriend. Well frankly speaking, I’d rather be somewhere […]