27 Jan 19
Công-lý cho Nạn-nhân Formosa

Freedom Now is proud to nominate Vietnamese journalist Nguyen Van Hoa for the 2019 UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize. A videographer for Radio Free Asia, Nguyen has been imprisoned in Vietnam since January 2017 for his reporting on the Formosa environmental disaster.

26 Jan 19
Fuck Yeah Asexual

Originally Posted 3+ Years Ago This essay in earnest is called The Characterization of Solas as an Asexual. Unofficially, it is entitled Eggs and Bacon That Egg Is Taken: An Ace’s Guide To Solas. Hello, I’ll be your guide today. We are going to go scene by scene in the romance to show you in […]

25 Jan 19
Luxury Travel Vietnam Italiano

I.  Golden bridge Vietnam – “Un Big Bang”  sui media del mondo Golden bridge Vietnam nelle colline di Ba Na a Da Nang sta animando la comunità turistica mondiale come appare su una varietà di siti di notizie ben noti come CNN, BBC, New York Times, Times… Dopo tre mesi dall’inaugurazione, il Golden bridge è […]

24 Jan 19
Site Title

#DronePhotography One of the most exciting developments in photography in the last year or two is the drone – high flying cameras that enable you to capture unique viewpoints of common subjects #Cupidflycams #EventVideographer #cinema #shortfilms

18 Jan 19
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#Drones in #Photography! A large wad of money is required to capture a majestic landscape from an elevated position, but this can now be changed through Drones as they can effortlessly showcase the best quality images and videos in an affordable price #Cupidflycams #Aerial

17 Jan 19

I’m leaving here a mod of FlyCam script. So, first of all credits go to: Desi Quintans (, 17 August 2012. and FlyThrough.js by Slin (, 17 May 2011. Moded this great script for use with mouse middle wheel for rotation and horizontal/vertical displacement when shift button is locked. This is a short video demo   And here you can find the script …………………….. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; […]