04 Jul 19

Every house owner loves a clean and spotless house that they can feel comfortable in. A robotic vacuum cleaner is fairly small yet , powerful as compared to other vacuum cleaners. It can be more efficient people these days are still opting for it. The vacuum could be set to clean when you’re occupied with […]

29 Jun 19
alipjosgandos's blog

Menurut kalian, batas itu perlu atau tidak? Menurut kalian strata itu perlu atau tidak? Menurut kalian “pengukuhan” kelas, baik secara formal maupun yang bersifat lebih introspektif perlu atau tidak? Beberapa pertanyaan yang akhirnya saya tanyakan pada diri sendiri setelah melihat satu grup di sosial media yang beberapa anggotanya merindukan agar kembali ke “roots” nya. Kembali […]

13 Jun 19
Photography For Real Estate

Pete in Seattle, writes: I have a Sony A6300 using the 10-18mm lens along with a Flycam stabilizer. I process the video from the camera with Adobe Premiere Pro. I have seen that shooting video at two stops under is recommended however, I still can’t get the windows to look like they do in my […]

09 Jun 19
Voluptuous Videography

Current camera: Sony PXW-z150 (~2.5kg) Mostly doing small business video’s / weddings and looking for some more dynamic shots. Should I buy the flycam HD-5000 or any non-motorized steadycam? Thanks for info!! Touch here for the full post on Voluptuous Videography tumblr

30 May 19
Voluptuous Videography

Just bought a flycam c5 recently to replace my beholder ec1 gimbal which spoiled. Tried to shoot with my 85mm but it was really tough as compared to using an electronic gimbal. Anyone has experience with flying on a glidecam with a 85mm lens? Hope to receive some tips!! Thanks in advance. Touch here for […]