Flying Tomato

24 Apr 19
Katherine Marie

Day 22: We are still in Florida!  But, not for long.  Today’s destination: St. Augustine Beach.  We haven’t done an official “beach” day yet and I was determined to soak up some sun.  We woke at a Flying J near Palm Coast (best night’s sleep ever) and drove on up to St. Augustine Beach. St. […]

23 Apr 19
File on London

  Hello, My name is Nicolas and I’m a pupil at the high school Marguerite Yourcenar in Erstein. In February 2019 I travelled to London with my classmates and I want to give you my impressions on this school trip. But first of all, I would like to provide you with some information about its […]

23 Apr 19

Vasu Raja, the Vice President of Planning at America Airlines is responsible for planning and scheduling the airline’s 6,500 daily flights. He joined us for one of the most AvGeek episodes yet. Raja shares details about growing Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) to 900 departures, the why and how around scaling back New York City …

23 Apr 19
Pallet & Plate

In Georgia, a combo-plate Mexican restaurant named La Parrilla felt like a sanctuary There are only two situations that make me lose my appetite: watching breech calves being born on The Incredible Dr. Pol (if you know, you know), and driving behind pickup trucks flying Confederate flags. I saw my first Confederate flag at 12 […]

23 Apr 19
Prairie Fare

“We have reached a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet. Sit back and enjoy the flight,” the pilot announced. At the time, I was en route to the East Coast. I settled in to read a magazine for the next 2 1/2 hours. Although I have never been able to sleep on planes, I appreciate getting […]

23 Apr 19
Mel & Fred's Journey

Wow! What an intense couple of weeks! Yes you read this well… we went all the way to the other side of the world visiting our families (who some hasn’t seen us in years) for just 2 weeks (it actually came down to 12 days). We planned our trip to France back in August 2018 […]

23 Apr 19

Guide table of content Overview of Keelung (基隆) History Weather Why you should visit Keelung Points of interest Shen’Ao (深澳) Shen’Ao Elephant Trunk What to eat in Shen’Ao Shen’Ao Rail Bike (深澳鐵道自行車) Badouzi (八斗子) Wangyougu (忘憂谷) Chaojing Park (潮境公园) National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (國立海洋科技博物館) Food in Badouzi Heping Island (和平岛) Heping Island […]

22 Apr 19
Elaine Lectar

Forcenite – Video Game inspired Birthday Party APHRODITE – Forcenite – Video Game inspired Birthday Party Available at Sense Event Fully animated food & drinks with auto attach, and including all decos even a fully scripted piñata with props to play. Set : Forcenite – Ammunition Cake – 4Li Forcenite – Flying Bus Cake – 3Li […]

22 Apr 19
Jill and Todd in Costa Rica

We made it back from Austin on Wednesday, no worse for the wear. We got out just ahead of a line of severe storms that was blowing through Texas that was causing Dallas and Houston to preemptively cancel flights starting right after ours. We left our trusty Honda CR-V in the San Jose airport’s parking […]

22 Apr 19
Healthy, cheap, and kind to the planet

This phrase may seem like an oxymoron to many people; salad still has an image problem. A vision of a handful of tired green leaves paired with watery cucumber and  flavourless tomatoes still comes to mind when reading the words “served with an accompanying salad” on a menu. Even though this is far from the […]

22 Apr 19
The Potagerie

With the most amazing weather arriving in time for the Easter weekend, it was a good opportunity to start prepping the veg beds. Putting up a protective net to prevent pesky birds and bugs getting to my seedlings should give them more of a fighting chance. The great thing about these nets is that they […]

22 Apr 19
{Un}steady She Goes

Good morning, Earthlings! Today is Earth Day – the day when we make an extra special effort to express gratitude and lovingkindness to our incredible Mother Earth! It’s like the Mother’s Day of planets. And although I’m inclined to believe that we should be living like every single day is earth day, sometimes Earth Day is a great starting point for making lasting changes or the kick in the pants we need to get us involved in an environmental community effort.

21 Apr 19
the diary of an indie kid

In fact, just like all our football boots had 4 stripes rather than the famous Adidas three, our train sets were some obscure Italian make called Lima rather than the better known Hornby while our clothes, bikes and regular Christmas presents were hand-me-downs from older siblings or relatives. Not that it mattered as we knew little else and no-one had anything better. There were no comparisons to be made, no other kids with richer parents who showered their offspring with designer gear. We were all in the same metaphorical boat, paddling the same way heading for the same destination; school, work, relationship, home, kids, retirement and death. With luck, along the way, we might earn enough money to buy a music centre or a fridge freezer. On the popular weekly ‘Quiz of the Week from Norwich’ Sale of the Century, Nicholas Parsons promised a vision of an opulent and affluent future revolving around the possession of a food blender or black and white portable TV set.