03 Apr 19
Cape Falcon Kayak :: Student Builds

Hello Everyone, I have been in the planning process for building an F1 for about 8 months now. I have limited financial resources at the time, and I do not have a woodworking shop, or a wealth of nice tools. I have been slowly collecting chisels, rasps, drills, bits, hand jig saws, clamps, planers, and […]

17 Dec 18

Giving canoeing a try on a quite stretch of the Yampa River in Northern Colorado.

25 Aug 18
Adventures on the BC and Alaska Coast

We were in Seattle this morning. At late afternoon Tom and I stand on a rocky beach on South Moresby Island, near where the tip of the Queen Charlotte Islands archipelago dead-ends into the empty Pacific. The sound of our last link to civilization echoes and then fades over the mountain pass to the north, […]

25 Aug 18
Adventures on the BC and Alaska Coast

This was the year of my introduction to sea kayaking. With absolutely no experience, I started out with the most dangerous and remote voyage of all, ill-equipped, and with essentially no skills on the ocean. I and my companions were very lucky. When I match my fragile craft and rudimentary skills to conditions I would […]

08 Aug 18
Weapons and Warfare

14 January 1942 While many daring raids carried out during the Second World War became legendary tales in the post-war era, through book or film, others remained unheard of. One probably falling into this latter category was carried out in January 1942 by a small group of men working for the SOE. The mission, called […]

04 Aug 18

A leisurely float trip down Utah’s Green River to the Colorado River.

10 Jun 18
8 wild food sourcing methods

Octane expeditions venture to World Heritage Coastline islands – the closest true wilderness of note to London. Our expedition bothy is an hour from Oban which in turn is a sleeper train journey from London. Octane is located within one of Britain’s last remaining traffic warden free zones. There are no roads or cars and, if frappuccino is de rigueur […]

05 Jun 18
Milk & Whiskey

Our dad and “Mike the Stone Skipper” decided to go fishing for rock cod one chilly Spring morning in Santa Cruz. Most mornings in Santa Cruz are chilly, it could be July and everyone at the coffee shop is wearing hoodies. Dad decided to bring me along because: A. I love fishing and idolized Mike […]

28 May 18
8 wild food sourcing methods

Sitting here on the cliff too I see the remote islands of Lunga, Fladda, Inch Kenneth, The Dutchman’s Cap, Iona, Little Colonsay and world famous Saffa on the horizon — each an expedition of its own. The 17 foot Folbot Expedition Cooper sea kayak folds down to fit into a rucksack and stows neatly onboard a rib or in a […]

14 May 18

Ah Dunbar. From our perspective, so much of life resembles a broken play in a football game, or a broken forecast for the weather man or herding cats, which is a lot like breaking the balls in the first shot of a pool game, or even riding a pig backwards across a parking lot while […]

01 Apr 18
8 wild food sourcing methods

A surprising amount of kit is required for expeditions to remote wilderness islands. Some for comfort, some for safety, some for sanity – but, over the horizon, all absolutely vital. A typical expedition (one-day kayak, two-day stay and one day return leg) requires an extensive list of provisions and equipment. However, if sourcing food during expeditions, […]