23 Mar 19
Cooking Nations

PASTA IN WHITE SAUSE, रेस्टोरेंट के जैसा वाइट सौसे पास्ता, INDIAN STYLE WHITE SAUSE PASTA NISHA MADHULIKA SANJEEV KAPOOR INSPIRED, PASTA IN WHITE SAUSE,Holi ki recipe, holi recipe 2019, tea time snack, veg snack recipe, holi recipe #CREATIVEANUKRITI Thanks nisha madhulika mam and sanjeev kapoor sir for inspiration Youtube channel: Instagram: Twitter@creativeanukriti Like […]

22 Mar 19
Keeping it Realz with Juanita Heart

Great way to start my day with a cup of Mixd blend & some delish Chocolate gummies from @locakobars . . This is the first time i have used the Locako DIY mix. It was super delish & i will be playing around with some recipes with it. So my first mix i made with […]

22 Mar 19
Val Bites Back

I’ve discovered a dazzling online boutique named Goodnight Macaroon. I will order some pieces today and will begin posting outfit ideas for different outings-happy delicious shopping to you all. Click the Coupon below to checkout the cute casual looks with me.

22 Mar 19
A Dash of Happiness and a Pinch of Salt

Last week, my dearly beloved old laptop started to act up. It turned itself off a couple of times, then was fine for a day. Then it went dead silent. It wasn’t exactly under warranty, but it had had its issues before and had always been fixable with a little bit of electronic trickery. So […]