For Tea's Sake

13 Mar 19
YA on my Mind

The Shadow Glass by Rin Chupeco My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars In the highly anticipated finale to the Bone Witch trilogy, Tea’s life—and the fate of the kingdoms—hangs in the balance Tea is a bone witch with the dark magic needed to raise the dead. She has used this magic to breathe life into […]

11 Mar 19

The media has this funny way of portraying people of color, a subtlety to the racism. We may think that we have come so far, and in many ways we have, but that doesn’t mean that racism and the single dimensional portrayal of people of color does not exist. In the words of Snoop Dogg, […]

08 Mar 19
None of this is Normal

Thursday March 7, 2019

19 Feb 19
Amanda Explains It

 Here is Part 2 of the worst soda ranked! Today I bring you the worst “diet” sodas. If you missed part 1 you can click here Diet Sodas Diet soda isn’t really any better than regular because their artificial sweeteners are sweeter than sugar, resulting in a host of health issues (and weight gain). Diet sodas […]

21 Jan 19
Modern Miss Bennet

Leigh nominated me for this award in–wait for it–June. In all fairness, I was on vacation at the time, up to my elbows in brambles and up to my ears in gelato. But still–seven months? For heaven’s sake, you say, what’s kept you? A few somethings, to be honest. When I got back from said […]

07 Jan 19
London Meets Paris

2018 was a hard year for me in many ways and it’s a year that just whizzed by.  I know everybody says the same at the end of each year but when your kids start telling you the same, you know it’s true. When I was a little girl, a year seemed like an eternity, I don’t seem to remember ever agreeing with my mum when she said “hasn’t the year flown by” but my kids tell me all the time how fast the year’s gone.

04 Jan 19

My Magical Read-a-thon did not go at all how I had wanted it to.  Life completely got in the way.  And I had decided, as of the New Year, to scrap that TBR and just start fresh.  My plan was to start with the book my husband got me for Christmas.  But life really doesn’t […]

14 Dec 18
John Cordial

Caldyr put the last ornament on her little cactus and bit down a smile. Her tiny, old apartment didn’t exactly come alive for the holiday season, but a few decorations helped. “Looks good,” Reynardine said. “You want me to pick up some tinsel? On my way to the store in just a minute.” “Tinsel?” Caldyr […]

11 Dec 18
A Queer Writer's Messy Notebook

Problems seem trivial with a cup of coffee. Whiskey helps, too, but that’s for another time, because I would like to talk about one of my favorite past times: tea. I don’t consider myself a connoisseur of the bean and the leaf, but I know what I like. When it comes to coffee, give me […]

10 Dec 18

A Stream of Light

howlsmovinglibrary: So I finished The Bone Witch…. (and pre-ordered The Heart Forger immediately but we don’t talk about that). My thoughts: If I were to describe this book in an incredibly reductive sentence, I would say it was a coming of age novel made from a mixture of Memoirs of a Geisha (Tea’s ascendency to […]

25 Nov 18
The Rad Blog

Hello Rad Blog! Well, I’m finally writing about this one as it was given to my brother to give to me! This is Snapple’s Takes 2 To Mango tea. This time, the name actually makes sense. Firstly, this is a play on words with the phrase “it takes two to tango.” This is an iced […]

25 Nov 18
Its On Me - Toronto

1 Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Kat F. Bar Chef What is it? One of Toronto’s essential cocktail bars, Bar Chef plays with molecular gastronomy to create engaging and memorable drinks. The team at Bar Chef pride themselves on preparing all infusions, bitters and syrups in house and offer their guests unique, masterfully crafted cocktails. Why Go? Watch as patrons […]

20 Nov 18
BambooCore Fitness

What is Kombucha? This article is a deep dive about Kombucha: learn what it is, its history, how it’s brewed, its nutrition, and Kombucha’s health benefits.

30 Oct 18

I cannot believe it is the end of October. I did not get enough time to be spooky. I really do wish the season was much longer because at this point I’m already thinking about the Christmas season and the New Year. I struggled this month. I wasn’t enjoying a lot of the books I […]

27 Oct 18
You've reached the Superlicious Website of Caz Greenham

Hopefully NOT! But, people might think you have if you forget a simple comma. ‘Have you eaten, Granny?’ Sounds a lot better. Don’t you agree? Or maybe you did eat Granny *laughs* ~ joking, naturally. Language is what makes us human. As the philosopher, Bertrand Russell, remarked one day: ‘No matter how eloquently a dog […]

30 Sep 18
Gigglemug Book Club

End Date:  October 27th Author:  Nicholas Eames Published:  2018 Genre:  Fantasy Pages:  560 (paperback) Selected By:  Elle Tea Average Review: 

30 Sep 18
A Cup in Time

Tea is one of the essential parts of Chinese people’s lives. The custom of drinking tea dates back to the third millennium BC in China and green tea is the most popular type of tea there. It has been proven that the day assumption of green tea have many health effects including reduce risk of […]