Fordham University

21 Apr 19
Sean Kolon

Part 1: ‘Bleach’ for America “What would make someone want to move from California to become a middle school teacher in one of the poorest areas of Baltimore, Maryland?” asks popular daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. Her guest sits across from her, pondering the question for a few moments… He answers. “If you fill […]

21 Apr 19
Bitcoin Bolt

Female Blockchain Pioneers are Taking Center Stage at Conferences Globally

Despite the gender gap in technology gradually becoming more balanced, a recent report has shown that females account for just 20% of employees in tech-related fields. Whilst this disparity may be discouraging, blockchain conferences internationally have played a crucial role in giving female tech pioneers a platform to showcase their success. Here are some of …

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21 Apr 19
Hooray for Huckle

WELCOME! To the 2019 NFL Mock Draft hosted again this year by yours truly. This year has brought us a fun filled, exciting, wonde….okay I’m sorry I can’t do it. It seems like the same old, same old. The Raiders are back to not knowing what they are doing, Jacksonville returned back to who we […]

20 Apr 19

Read more at Hypebae — by Robyn Mowatt: 20-year-old artist Lexie Liu has a sound that doesn’t belong under one genre. Whether you’re into hip hop, R&B or even pop, when you listen to her music, there’s a hint of each of these classifications. Originally from Changsha, China she first began making music four years […]