Fortnum Mason

18 Apr 19
Shropshire Events

It is human nature to want to share moments that are special with the people who are special to us. Be it a birthday, relationship milestone or work achievement, these occasions are special because they are not the every day; they give us a time to look forward to and come together to celebrate…… well…….life […]

18 Apr 19
Hooks, Books, and Wanderlust

I’m back again with the 3rd installment in my London trip series, talking about some shopping spots and other places farther from London that if you have more time, have a lot to offer as well in the way of history and culture.

17 Apr 19
The Wordrobe

Hunting for last minute Easter goodies? We’ve got it covered with our pick of the most luxurious, lavish and downright delicious gifts 

17 Apr 19
Londra Today

Stai per visitare Londra per la prima volta? Sei alla ricerca di idee su cosa mangiare a Londra? Sei nel posto giusto, continua a leggere e non te ne pentirai! (a meno che non sia mezzogiorno e la pausa pranzo è ancora lontana….) Cosa mangiare a Londra Spendendo Poco Contrariamente a quanto si possa pensare […]

17 Apr 19
Taylor's Travels

I just thought London was so great I decided to go back! It was a quick trip but filled with a lot of fun activities! Saturday morning, my friends and I had reservations at Fortnum & Mason for high tea. Now, I don’t really like tea so I was just there for the scones and […]

16 Apr 19
Jama's Alphabet Soup

1. Here’s something to make National Poetry Month even more fabulous: a new activity book by London-based illustrator, designer and cut-paper collage queen Clover Robin! Origami and Poetry: Inspired by Nature (Nosy Crow, 2019), was just released in mid March, and is a wonderful way for kids to extend their enjoyment of poetry with hands-on […]

16 Apr 19
Platitude of the Day

We usually ignore the news here on Thought For The Day, but this is different, a historic Church is burning. The Invisible Magic Friend, who obviously can’t do anything about it and had nothing to do with it starting, will be terribly upset, especially during Holy Week. Listen/Read

15 Apr 19

Laura, Mom and I went to Fortnum & Mason, which is a fabulous department store that opened in 1707. The tea was wonderful – I chose the savory one, so I could try different foods than last time. And of course, we went shopping after!

15 Apr 19
Jane Rosebery

I’ve talked about Fortnum & Mason before here and here. But today I want to talk about my favorite Fortnum’s tea.  The English-speaking world divides roughly into two main camps – one camp swears by tea, the other coffee. Occasionally, each camp swears at the other. At Fortnum’s we maintain a strict neutrality. Here harmony reigns – […]

15 Apr 19
Samurai Hinata's Lifestyle Blog

Hello🌻 I love F&M teas!! My favourite has always been Royal Blend. Very simple but I’ve always loved it. Recently I found another beautiful blend. a little unusual one 😉 Fortmason Tea. The name like this, it must be one of their flagship products. I wonder why I never knew?? It’s a blend of Indian […]

15 Apr 19
Kaggsy's Bookish Ramblings

Unfortunately for the shelves in my house, visits to London are inextricably linked with bookshopping, and Saturday was no exception to the general rule… My BFF J. and I managed to miss out on our usual pre-Christmas get-together back in December, and so as it was her birthday yesterday, we decided to have a catch-up, […]

14 Apr 19
The Nod

Easter weekend is fast approaching, so if you’re celebrating and want to keep it vegan all round (only fair that you get to try everyone else’s, after all), or buying for someone special, here are some of the very best vegan Easter eggs on the market this year. Moo Free Moo Free have been honing […]

12 Apr 19
News Archives Uk

In addition to influencer culture and personal memories, social media has become a critical tool in helping activists mobilize communities and make changes. In recent years, some of the most intrepid, pioneering and inspiring activists have used online platforms to raise public awareness of issues such as self-confidence, racism, gender-based violence and sexual misconduct. . […]