Fortnum Mason

19 Feb 19

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19 Feb 19
Phoebe Gould Interior Design

Tritensil (2014) designed by Map Project Office for Fortnum and Mason The utensil which has been created combines the use of the three most common utensils, spoon, knife and fork meaning it could eliminate the need for all three. The Tritensil makes eating easier for people with disabilities for example only the use of one […]

19 Feb 19
Susan Wilson Illustration

This section explores how illustration has evolved over the past 50 years.     The artist I have chosen from the given list of Illustrators is:- EDWARD BAWDEN 1903 – 1989 Edward Bawden, (1903–1989) was an English painter, illustrator and graphic artist, known for his prints, book covers, posters, and garden metalwork furniture. Bawden taught at […]

18 Feb 19
Necromancy Never Pays

Starting when we lived in Maryland, Ron and I have occasionally organized a tea and poetry reading, usually in February, to provide some delight in our least favorite month. Since we’ve lived here in Ohio we’ve had a few teas in less precarious months for weather, inviting the people who have always attended since we […]

18 Feb 19

Use the tube and bus with your contactless payment bank card – but walk if you can, you’ll see more! Travel info can be found here.   Things to do… Culture and nice places. Camden Market (Lock Market, Stables Market) Vibrant, unique, huge market selling everything – lots of food and pubs nearby also. […]

17 Feb 19
Drinking Twins

We are huge fans of Black Cow Vodka, made entirely from pure milk, as the smoothest vodka on the market. And to tempt us to drink even more, they have launched four new cocktails in some of the top bars across London. Firstly, if you don’t know Black Cow, or don’t have a bottle in […]

16 Feb 19

Our recent trip to London was all too brief. In ten days, we only just scratched the surface of the city. We didn’t get to anywhere near every restaurant, neighborhood, shop and cultural site we had bookmarked in advance. But we did return with some great memories, renewed friendships and, it seems, a terrible craving […]

16 Feb 19

Mayfair isn’t just home to the Werewolves of London, and even if it were, they would be some pretty posh lupines considering it’s one of the most affluent districts in the city.  Part of the City of Westminster, it’s believed that the Romans settled here for a time before founding Londonium.  The city’s annual May […]

16 Feb 19

This year I’m meant to celebrate one of those ‘significant’ birthdays. I find no joy in this situation, I’m old and I’m getting older In an attempt to avoid the usual funk I end up in I decided to ask my friends and family to set me challenges. I was hoping for some lovely days […]

16 Feb 19
Satguru Holidays Blogs

There is nothing that one could mention about London. It is one of the most iconic destinations to visit in the United Kingdom. Apart from having rich and unique history, London has an astonishingly preserved culture of Britishers. This city is considered to be one of the most expensive ones in the world and is […]

15 Feb 19

The designer has only just begun marking her 50th anniversary, which will culminate in September, the month of “Z.” 

14 Feb 19

The City of Westminster is one of the most important places in Greater London.  Home of all aspects of the British government, the Houses of Parliament, the Court of St. James, the principal residence of the monarch, and the church in which every Sovereign has been crowned since 1066 are all found here.  However, that’s […]

14 Feb 19
News Exc Celebrity

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Love was most definitely in the air as Lizzie Cundy celebrated Valentine’s Day in London on Wednesday evening.

The 50-year old caught the eye in a vibrant red dress that fully exposed her cleavage as she made an entrance at Fortnum & Mason, where Fortras were hosting a VIP reception and fashion show. 

With a daring thigh-high slash the outfit drew further attention to Lizzie’s legs, while matching over-the-knee boots gave her ensemble a raunchy flourish. 

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