23 Jan 19
Headphone & Earphone Reviews

Editor’s Note: Jason Lord is no stranger to controversy, as he speaks his mind without hesitation. Given that, and some of his comments about his relationships with manufacturers, it should be noted that we’re only hearing his side of the story.  From the jungle of Vietnam to the jungle of hifi, and everything in between. […]

19 Jan 19
Over-ear mania

IntroductionThe D5000 was part of the closed-back line of Foster’s bio-cellulose driver headphones branded and released by Denon 10 years ago : AH-D2000, AH-D5000 and AH-D7000. The D5000 is more semi-open than truely closed, with a mediocre isolation and a 3m long non-removable stock cable. ○ Release : 2008 ○ Current status : Discontinued ○ […]

18 Jan 19
Music Production

Project Overview For our project we chose a clip from Doctor Who. For file management purposes we used two separate documents, one for ADR and the other for Foley. Towards the end of our project we combined the documents by bouncing our ADR tracks, Atmosphere, and Foley into three separate stems. We then imported them […]

18 Jan 19
Good Nerd, Bad Nerd

Fostex Introduces TM-2 Wireless Headphones at NAMM With the new Fostex TM-2, you can take a variety of in-ear headphones wirelessly, wherever you go! Anaheim, CA, January 24, 2019 — Fostex’s new TM-2 adds wireless freedom and earbud versatility to a long heritage of high-performance Fostex headphone technology dating back to the mid 1970’s. Listen […]

10 Jan 19
Steven's Foley Blog

26/10/2018During the time of our first meeting working on the video, we wrote the script to be used for the ADR recording sessions. 29/10/2018In the next meeting, we spent time spotting the Foley and ADR spots in separate files for both Foley and ADR for organising purposes. 09/11/2018We began out first recording session in studio. […]

10 Jan 19
[The Present Continuous]

This article is a follow-up piece to Profile: Vladamir Ussachevsky – American Tape music and the Electro revolution Background The history of so-called Electronic music, under the umbrella of which Tape music loosely shelters, is by definition short. The very first Electroacoustic compositions began to emerge in the 1930s with Walter Ruttman’s Weekend (1930) Johanna […]

07 Jan 19

The Sennheiser HD 6XX headphones from Massdrop offer similar performance to the HD650 without the high cost. Click To View The Sennheiser HD6XX On Massdrop Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored review, however Massdrop provided a sample for evaluation purposes. All opinions and thoughts expressed within this review had no bias or outside influence. We […]

04 Jan 19
Ministry Through Technology

Something I’m noticing alot in churches, mostly the smaller ones, is that the person running the sound never seems to have headphones. And while I’m guilty of forgetting to take mine with me to church at times, I regret it. But why? Firstly, let me deal with what they are NOT for. If you are […]

31 Dec 18
More than audio

The build quality of the Fostex FT17H horn tweeter is good for the price range. The horn super tweeter offers a crisp high frequency response that extends out well past the audible range. Provided that a crossover point in-excess of about 10 kHz is used, the performance is very good. via

29 Dec 18

Working on a new cover tune Spent the 1st day just trying to knock out a bass track .After about a month of listening to the original version of the song, I thought it would be simple. Day #2…spring like weather here, so I thought I’d get the drum track done. Got that and more. […]

28 Dec 18
Portable Audio and Headphones

FOSTEX headphone amplifier D / A converter built-in HP-A4BL from Japan F/S NEW – Buy – FOSTEX headphone amplifier D / A converter built-in HP-A4BL from Japan F/S NEW

28 Dec 18
Portable Audio and Headphones

FOSTEX TE05BK Canal In-Ear Dynamic Stereo Headphones Earphones Original NEW – Buy – FOSTEX TE05BK Canal In-Ear Dynamic Stereo Headphones Earphones Original NEW

27 Dec 18
CDM Create Digital Music

If getting your headphones and studio monitors calibrated sounds like a good New Years’ Resolution, we’ve got you covered. Some good questions came up in our last story on Sonarworks Reference, the automated calibration tool, so we’ve gotten answers for you.

25 Dec 18

One of the more controversial topics in the audio world is burn-in, a term which describes the process of breaking in a new piece of equipment much like you’d do with a new pair of shoes. It involves pumping music, pink noise, or white noise through the new equipment for as little as eight hours […]

24 Dec 18

PAGE 1 1 By utilizing Max/MSP (and including an array of other software) the possibility of widening the sample music library becomes a bigger possibility. 2 Interviewing Nujabes from Hyde Out Productions label, a man taking the lead in sampling underground hip hop beats and turning them into a fresh new style. New master in taking advantage […]