Fowlers Vacola

11 Mar 19

More bottling . The peaches and zucchinis all did their thing so well we had to spend some time preserving so we have some for later. Made Zucchini bread and butter pickles and more bottled peaches. Now we have a well stocked pantry. Very satisfying to know I can make my own and reduce my […]

02 Oct 18
Port Fairy Journals & Food

  Boofy, George Young & Monty “Dad, next time you go to George Young’s place, can I come with you?” Dad looked at me with that look that said, what’s he on about now… but in the end, he was used to me and my crazy requests, Dad had heard so many over the years […]

09 Jun 18

Autumn and the arrival of the first bowl of risotto di funghi.

15 May 18

Update on the cider making – after the proceedings were interrupted by power failure on Friday, an extra day was needed to finish the juicing. With the flood damage minimal to the cooking school this time round, we were able to go ahead on Saturday morning. Friends and family arrived early and by day’s end […]

26 Apr 18
Wide Open Mind, Road & Throttle

Inspired by my Fat Pig Farm visit and having been given a bagful of apples from a friend, I was keen to try out the cinnamon apple recipe I learnt in the cooking class a couple of weeks back. It’s a very simple recipe and didn’t take very long at all, besides all the peeling of […]

18 Apr 18
Wide Open Mind, Road & Throttle

After many months of waiting, having purchased a ticket back in January, the day to visit Fat Pig Farm had finally arrived. On Saturday I drove an hour South of Hobart to Glaziers Bay to undertake a cooking class and boy was I excited! Upon arrival at the farm, I was greeted by Sadie and […]

12 Apr 18
R L Smith

Preserved quince recipe

13 Mar 18
Somers School Garden

This Somers School Garden News Update will appear in the School Newsletter this week. FOUR THINGS 1.  The working bee was great 2.  The Healthy Eating initiatives have already started. 3.  The Produce Stall starts next week 19.3.18 4.  Is your child’s teacher one of the following; Pilgrim, Aitken, Edwards, Harrison, Shemmell, Christie, or Mills? […]

21 Jan 18

It’s January and the stone fruit season is in full swing. Apricots, plums, peaches and nectarines are abundant and I am preserving what I can now for use in the winter months. There is nothing quite like opening a jar of preserved apricots on a cold winter’s morning to enjoy on a bowl of warm […]

13 Jan 18
Promoting a healthy, sustainable, resilient food system.

The relentless heat of a Perth summer is easier to bear when the work you put into your garden starts to bear fruit, literally. Plum-tastic Two years in a row now, we’ve been rewarded with a deluge of plums from the old tree of unknown variety we inherited when we bought Edgefield six years ago. […]