14 Dec 18
Students of the Game

by: Matt Carlin – December 14th, 2018 The Twins – White Sox game on September 30th was a well deserved farewell to a fantastic player, and by all accounts a better person, in Joe Mauer.  After seeing the pregame celebration and his signature opposite field stroke, I felt the day could not be a better […]

14 Dec 18

11. und 13. Dezember 2018 Die Selbsthilfegruppen Schlaganfall im Vogtland hatten ihre Weihnachtsfeiern in kleiner Runde fast alle in ihren Orten durchgeführt. Die Plauener hatten ihr Weihnachten zum letzten Mal im Lessing Gymnasium gefeiert. Sie hat auch ihre Sprecherin, Frau Marquardt verabschiedet. Sie hat sich sieben Jahre um die Gruppe gekümmert und ihr Mann hat […]

07 Dec 18
A. N. Smith

Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for getting me the Amazon Alexa personal photographer! She captured my look that signals I’m ready for a fall feast with a simple voice command and stadium level lighting 📸 love it and love you babe! 😘 The Echo Look will make both of our lives easier, now that […]

06 Dec 18
foundations of law and society

In this post, I’ll be evaluating the accountability measures of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and looking at how these measures were implemented over the following decade. First, I’ll explore the content, intent, history, political background, and the implementation of the law. I’ll then look at how the law was carried out […]

05 Dec 18
Nachrichten Welt

J.T. Realmuto Position: CHits / Würfe: R / RAlter: 18. März 1991 (27) Traditionelle Statistiken: .277 / .340 / .484, 30 2B, 3 3B, 21 HR, 74 RBI, 3 SB, 2 CSErweiterte Statistiken: 4,3 bWAR, 4,8 bWAR, 131 OPS +, 126 wRC +Defensivstatistik: -15,2 RAA, 4,2 FRAA Free Agent: 2021 Realmuto ist definitiv der beste […]

04 Dec 18
The Foursome Thread

Gift Inspiration It’s time to make your holiday list and check it twice! We’re serving up some creative ideas to get you started…then come into The Foursome and let our professional associates lead the way. Leave with your packages wrapped for free and ready for the tree. It’s that easy. Cabin Fever with Heat Swell bottle / […]

30 Nov 18
Susan Hanson Designs in Glass

Here is my set up for the Holiday Show in Florence this weekend , I have jewelry , beads and some of my alcohol ink paintings for sale …come see me … The Holiday season is here and the FRAA Holiday Arts Festival 2018 is the perfect place to shop for unique gifts and fine craftsmanship. This show is […]

28 Nov 18
Toronto Sun

Can you believe it’s December in a few days? What happened to Halloween? What I do know is we’ve a few short weeks to get in as much shopping as possible – and I’m here to help! MR. B’S FAMOUS CHRISTMAS SALE: OK, it’s official – the holiday season is now open thanks to Mr. B […]

27 Nov 18

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27 Nov 18

The Atlanta Braves made MLB offseason headlines yesterday with two short-term free-agent acquisitions that find the team taking calculated chances on former stars. First, with Kurt Suzuki leaving in free agency, the Braves sought out a familiar face in Brian McCann to serve as a veteran backup to presumptive starting catcher Tyler Flowers. McCann made […]

27 Nov 18
Channel 365

Eventually within the next couple of months, Bryce Harper will smile for journalism as he pulls on a jersey at a ballpark to be identified, flanked by bigwigs from whichever group has actually made him a few hundred million dollars richer than he is right now. The bigwigs will be smiling, too, however someplace within, […]

25 Nov 18
Channel 365

At some point within the next few months, Bryce Harper will smile for the press as he pulls on a jersey at a ballpark to be determined, flanked by bigwigs from whichever team has made him a few hundred million dollars richer than he is right now. The bigwigs will be smiling, too, but somewhere […]

25 Nov 18

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23 Nov 18
Baseball Analysis And Predictions

Is Don Mattingly a Hall Of Famer, that is the question that I am going to answer. By the way the only reason he isn’t an obvious choice because his career was cut short due to injury, anyway lets go into the stat, I will start with WAR. Mattingly’s career WAR is 42.4 which is […]

23 Nov 18
1-2-3 SPORTS!

  I hope you dominated your family’s Thanksgiving football game. PAL is in Paris this week, so it’s an all you can TOB buffet. The Rise of Flag Football Amidst growing awareness of the dangers of playing football, participation in flag football is on the rise. It is America’s fastest growing sport – approximately 1.5 […]

18 Nov 18

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