18 Jul 19
Honest Amp Sim Reviews

Rex Brown is an American musician most known for his time as the bass player in Pantera and Down. #1 – How did the collaboration with Joey Sturgis Tones and Bassforge Rex Brown all come together start to finish? Joey, or one of his boys got in touch with me about doing this about late […]

08 Jul 19
The Tone King |

Gibson loses in EU Court … here are the details …

10 Jun 19
Gavin Livingstone

Equipment used on the album Acoustic guitars : 1967 Gibson SJN Southerner, 1964 Martin D18, 1970 Yamaha FG110 Electric guitars : 1970 Gibson Les Paul de Luxe goldtop, Fender Korean Stratocaster Others : Fylde octave cittern, Antoria mandolin, Framus long-neck 5 string banjo, kit-built Appalachian dulcimer, Hohner 48 button accordion Synthesisers : AKAI Miniak, XE8 […]

06 Jun 19
Groovenut Records Blog

本日はJazz Funk/Rare Groove LPを15枚追加しました。 Groovenut Records → New Arrivals(1週間以内の追加分) → Just In(本日追加分) 商品詳細ページへ アーティスト名:Capital University Jazz Rock Ensemble タイトル:1972(LP) レーベル:Aragorn コメント: オハイオ州はコロンバスの大学Capital University所属の学生によるバンドの72年リリースレコード。序盤と終盤にドラムブレイクが入るジャズファンクトラックB3「Framus Gramus」をはじめ、Al StarrのヴォーカルをフューチャリングしたB1「More and More」、洒脱なセンスを感じるA1「Cibola」などナイストラック満載のカレッジジャズ好盤!! 収録曲: SIDE-A 1.Cibola 2.Caroline and Her Magic Cello Enter The World Of Jazz Rock 3.Dreams Of A Psychopath SIDE-B 1.More and More 2.Concert Score 3.Framus Gramus 4.On Broadway […]

30 May 19
Guitar Girl Magazine

As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 7 Elisabeth Kubler-Ross wrote of the five stages of grief; Beth Nielsen Chapman turned them into an album, Sand and Water [1997], a journey through mourning that she created in the aftermath of losing her first husband, Ernest, to cancer. It wasn’t her only gift to the brokenhearted. […]

25 May 19
Honest Amp Sim Reviews

Stefano Morabito is an Italian producer/guitarist known for his band Eyeconoclast and his work in many roles behind the desk with a massive list of incredible bands. #1 – It seems like a large chunk of our readers are Italian and Italy seems to be a hotbed for not only great music in a ton […]

23 Apr 19
inspired guitar

Framus has unveiled its new D-Series Idolmaker guitar. The latest addition to Framus’ lower-cost, China-built D-Series, this Idolmaker features a … Full Article Here

19 Apr 19
inspired guitar

Framus has released a D-Series version of the Idolmaker. This model was previously offered in the brand’s more premium Custom Shop, Masterbuilt … Full Article Here

15 Apr 19
inspired guitar

Most guitars that attempt to provide the full range of single-coil and humbucking tones in one instrument usually fall short in one way or another. Full Article Here

15 Apr 19
The Tone King |

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05 Apr 19
Semi-Parmed Life

Why am I doing this? I already had something good going on over at A Winner Is Me. I could write about whatever the hell I wanted. It was good. I wrote some good stuff over there, or so I’ve been told, and I plan to continue with that. I wrote about me, I worked […]

13 Mar 19
inspired guitar

Both guitars feature Graph Tech Ratio locking tuners, a Graph Tech Tusq nut, Wilkinson by Framus vibrato and Seymour Duncan SCR-1N Cool Rail … Full Article Here

06 Mar 19
inspired guitar

Markneukirchen, Germany (March 5, 2019) — In 2018 the Framus Idolmaker guitar received a Warwick Masterbuilt and a Teambuilt bass model as … Full Article Here