11 Dec 18
Carly USW Graphic Communication

  Surveys are an effective form of collecting quantitative and qualitative data. A survey can be composed of many questions, to which responses can be closed yes/no answers or open-ended. Online tools such as Survey Monkey or Google Forms may be utilised to issue surveys, in order to gather as many responses as possible from […]

14 Nov 18

Poster Talk | Jorge Frascara | 2018

09 Nov 18
07 Oct 18

The Dimensions of Graphic Design: Fine Art, Crafts, or Social Science?   It was delight to see the exhibition in the Pratt Manhattan Gallery called Albers, Lustig Cohen, Tissi, 1958-2018. Since this period of time – 1958 to 2018 – was of importance of the development of graphic design, the exhibition provided an extraordinary opportunity […]

07 Oct 18

The Roles of the Curator and the Audience in the Gallery: Education and Measurements of Graphic Design   In the exhibition in the Pratt gallery, the curator emphasized in the introduction of the exhibition that us, designers and artists, should get our hands dirty and begin to make things. However, as an audience, I didn’t […]

11 Sep 18
CDES 3222

I felt that the following quote from the reading helped me to better understand the path that the Design Research Methods class is taking. Jorge Frascara, a professor of visual communication design at the University of Alberta, Canada says: “To design the research method and to design the design method are tasks of a higher […]

10 Sep 18

Design theorists readings Armstrong, H (2009) Graphic Design Theory: Reading from the Field New York: Princeton Architectural Press   Barab, S & Squire, K 2004, ‘Design-Based Research: Putting a Stake in the Ground’ The Journal of the Learning Sciences, vol.13, no1, pp 1-14 Barab, S, Thoma,  Dodge, T, Squire, K & Marked, N 2004, ‘Critical Design […]

23 Aug 18
A Dig. Lit. Blog

If digital inclusion is a human right (Human Rights Council, 2016), then access to digital media matters. It can be said that digital media is ‘nothing’ without its users (Srauy 2015, p. 2). The online participation of these users is thus vital to the fundamental functions of digital media – and so the online space […]

15 Jul 18
Mundo Textos

Vaya el aburrimiento de la ola para la gaviota que vuela vaya el oleaje rugiente para la pluma que flota. Deje atras los trabajos deje atras los altibajos; ya lei a todos los intelectuales que en libros dejaron sus trabajos. Ya deje tambien mis escritos en forma de paginas electronicas estaran ahora leyendolas quienes las […]

01 May 18
Charlie Long Reflective Journal

Presentation Link Important Quotes from sources related to my essay Lugon, O. (2015) Photography and Scale: Projection, Exhibition, Collection. Art History. Volume 38, (2), pp. 386-403. “Certainly, in the last three decades, the triumph of large-format prints has been strongly associated with the recognition of photography in the art world. Photography’s increase in size […]

17 Apr 18
Mundo Textos

– – Los demonios nos rodean.- Murmuró Francis Drake, sorbiendo whisky a la luz de unos leños sobre un hornillo. – ¡ No creo ! – Replicó Cleopatra Guzmán, sonriéndole desde la lámpara- ” Están pasados de moda…como los discos voladores.” – ¡ Sea ! Como llueve, y en este buque estamos ´cómodos, te explicaré. […]