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17 Jun 19
Watts Up With That?

The Week That Was: 2019-06-15 (June 15, 2019) Brought to You by SEPP ( The Science and Environmental Policy Project Quote of the Week: “Our experience during the early days of manned spaceflight proved the importance of this motto: “In God we trust, all others bring data.” —The Right Climate Stuff Number of the Week: […]

17 Jun 19

Editors, USA TODAY Published 4:26 a.m. ET June 17, 2019 CLOSE Hong Kong protests: Police clear streets as protesters move to park Protesters in Hong Kong left the streets and moved to a plaza and park near the city’s government headquarters Monday, averting possible clashes with police. The pro-democracy activists had said they would press on with a […]

17 Jun 19
News Archives Uk

This review contains spoilers. 3.2 Mary and Martha A swallow does not make a summer and two data points are not a trend, but annoy me if that was not another hopeful episode of The story of the maid, Granted, it was about June pushing a cattle bullet into the gut and hand-burying a murder […]

17 Jun 19
Cat Hartliebe

I absolutely love Trigger. But it’s not easy to write. Mystery is a skill that I wouldn’t call mine. Trigger is a mystery. She’s asexual and there’s a lot of queer individuals in it. Far more than you’d give credit to a redneck area of Pennsylvania. Since most are still in the closet, there’s more […]

17 Jun 19

I don’t know if you’ve ever asked yourself “What are people for?” but it’s a question that comes up for me pretty often. Should I go to that party or should I do work at home; should I plan an event with 20 people or do a one-on-one… what do I want, what is the […]

17 Jun 19
Megan Potter-Black

“We start in Potions.” Sam lamented at Breakfast, as we checked our schedules. “Then we have Defence Against the Dark Arts with Umbridge.” I said, really not looking forward to today. The boys were laughing at Umbridge’s cardigan when I turned to Harry and saw that he didn’t look too happy either. “Is your day […]

17 Jun 19
New Delhi Times

By Dr. Pramila Srivastava That’s your best friend and your worst enemy – your own brain Fred Durst In this mechanical world order where we often find ourselves trapped in the acrimonious cycle of the tik-tok of the clock, where our each and every action by and large is dictated by clock hour and where […]

17 Jun 19
Anne With An E and Me

There are some stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age that still loom larger than life. Even if people have never seen a film starring said actors, their names are still iconic; Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, Humphrey Bogart. They float around in pop-culture references, harking back to an age that seems so far removed from our own. […]

17 Jun 19

Peter King is on vacation until July 15, and he lined up some guest writers to fill his spot writing Football Morning in America. Today, it’s a collaborative effort by Pro Football Focus, the popular football analytics website. They write about:

• How data is changing the NFL right now and will continue to impact its future.

• Five rising players to watch in 2019, including a potential star in the making in an AFC East secondary.

• The collegiate players who will impact the 2020 draft, including a Big 10 defensive end that not many experts know about … yet.

• A surprise prediction on which quarterback could lead the NFL in passing yards in 2019.

• Plus 10 Things I Think, including thoughts on the 18-game schedule, right tackles vs. left tackles, and the most underrated player in football.

17 Jun 19
Smarty Pants Magazine for Kids

by, Jo Carol Hebert Here’s a guessing game… Which of these three animals do you think is the oldest animal alive on land today (2019)? Is it Rubble, the Cat in England? Could it be Jonathan, the tortoise, on the island of St. Helena, in the South Atlantic Ocean? Or, maybe it is Fatou, an […]

17 Jun 19
Jaden's Corner

On the second day of my internship last week, I was asked by someone how I got into videography. I gave her a basic explanation, but I also had to tell her I’ve never really thought out a coherent story about what got me interested in filming/editing. Where did my interest in this come from? […]

17 Jun 19
Paso Robles Daily News

Letter submitted to Paso Robles City Councilmembers: Hi, Steve/Fred/Maria/Tom/Warren, we were shocked by your recent votes to ban short-term rentals in Paso’s R1-zone, which includes our vacation home. We found out and fell in love with Paso by chance: for years we’ve been traveling from the San Jose area to Los Angeles, without even hearing […]

17 Jun 19
dogs used to eat me but now they bring the paper in

I met up with the guy (let’s call him Fred) and it was neat!! He has gone to four things and seems to have a pretty good system for how to make friends beforehand (messaging people on fetlife who have put that they’re “maybe” going to a munch, for example). He described in a lot […]

17 Jun 19
Meridian Park Elementary, Parents Teachers Students Association

MP Update for the Week of June 17 Follow us on Instagram: meridianparkelementary Wednesday – 6th Grade Moving On Ceremony (9:30 AM) and picnic (see below) Wednesday at 1:55 – Kindergarten Assembly Thursday at 9:30 – Grade 1-6 Assembly Thursday – Last day of school, 11:45 dismissal    • If you are picking up, please arrive early and please be […]

17 Jun 19
Word To Your Mother

You know, you may not hear “self-described overweight housewife obsessed with eating cookies” & think here comes that motivation I needed today, but the story of this housewife may be the most inspirational weight loss story of all time. It all started with a well-meaning compliment from a neighbor. You look amazing! Followed by When […]

17 Jun 19
Travels with Will and Ginny

As we headed north towards Carmel, the scenery was lovely:  it changed from vineyards (going up and down the rolling hills) to “the flatlands” with strawberry fields…back to more vineyards. We arrived in Morro Bay, on the Pacific Ocean, famous for “Morro Rock” in the bay. Tanya had made reservations for us at The Galley […]