Frogg Toggs

11 Dec 18
Andre Eger

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. Everyone has a fitness goal whether it’s to gain muscle, tone up their core, or increase their flexibility. No matter what goal they have for 2019, we’ve got a gift […]

11 Dec 18

All Sport Rain Suit includes a jacket and pant with purchase
Both jacket and pant are made of Frogg Toggs’ breathable, non-woven fabric that is waterproof, wind-resistant, and lightweight
Jacket features an adjustable, removable hood and a full-length parka-cut, open-waist design

22 Nov 18
Man Seeking Mountains

It’s that time of year!, the first draft of PCT permit applications were just a few days ago. If you made it though slow internet speeds and incessant page refreshing during the first permit process you’re now waiting impatiently for that congratulatory acceptance email saying: Congratulations! We’ve reviewed and approved your permit application. It looks […]

21 Nov 18

Our Walt Disney World trip planning guide includes all the tips you need for a vacation, whether you’re a first-timer or regular. We cover how to save money and time, avoid crowds, choose where to eat, which rides to do, and fully plan your Disney itinerary for your Florida vacation. The information here is updated […]

18 Nov 18
Trash Walking

November 12th, 2018 – Safeway Route. This morning we checked the temperature before we went out.  One of our phone apps showed 37F and the another showed 32F.  We asked Alexa and she said it was 35F.  We then checked our indoor-outdoor thermometer and it indicated that the winner was Alexa at 35F.  It was […]

14 Nov 18
PCT kalandok

Megtett tav: ~33 km kerulo osveny Szokas szerint a napfelkeltevel indultam, tehat meg sotetben pakoltam ossze. Huvos volt a reggel. Ejszaka esett egy kis eso, de nagyobb vihar nem volt, mire elindultam, mar tiszta volt az eg. Ugy dontottem nem veszem fel a fantasztikus Frogg Toggs esoruhamat, mivel mar elegge szet van szakadva. Az elmult […]

01 Nov 18

This kit will give the average Community Person an advantage living on the streets.

30 Oct 18
my scooter based lifestyle

texas has had record breaking rainfall over the last couple of months and it all seemed to coincide with my decision to get a scooter! my earlier post about getting caught in the rain was the worst for me. i’m not worried about getting wet. it’s just the crazy drivers who don’t see you on […]