07 Dec 18
wahbilly Integrated Services

Painting a room is a popular project for beginning DIYers and veteran renovators alike. After all, it’s pretty painless, relatively inexpensive, and should something go horribly wrong, easy to fix. But before you grab your roller and get started, it’s important to have a plan of attack. Read on to learn how to paint a room and […]

05 Dec 18
The Handmade Home

Hey guys! We’re so excited to be here today with our second official mystery box creative challenge! If you’re headed over from My Sweet Savannah, welcome! We are so glad you’re here!  What on earth is the Mystery Box Creative Challenge, you may ask? One person sends a box to the next person on the list. […]

01 Dec 18
The Handmade Home

Happy Handmade Savvy Saturday! Is it just me, or is the first week from Thanksgiving break always a little brutal? I think it has to do with getting back into a schedule with kid stuff, and when we hit the ground running with full on activities, it’s all aboard the struggle bus for the win. […]

30 Nov 18
The Indigo House

I’d been thinking for a while that I wanted to have a change-up in our bedroom, If you’ve seen my bedroom shots pop up on my Instagram feed you will know that the main attraction in the room was the dark blue wall, now don’t get me wrong I love my blue wall, it’s one […]

07 Nov 18
Vinn's Projects

This bread knife, made by John Deakin & Sons of Sheffield, must be at least 80 years old, based on the fact that the company ceased manufacturing in the late 1930’s. It could be well over 100 for all I know. The handle has seen better days. I think I have probably already glued this […]

06 Nov 18
Vinn's Projects

A small box from African Mahogany

06 Nov 18
Sandra Dennis Art

There were loads of fabulous birds, and other wildlife, on our Australia trip, and it was really difficult to decide on favourites. The real specialities, like the Bowerbirds, Birds of Paradise and Southern Cassowary were definitely up there. Little birds, like the fairy-wrens and robins were very appealing. Odd-lookers, like Bush and Beach Stone-curlews, had […]

17 Oct 18
Odd-Job Antony

This post is mostly going to be a pic dump showing the progress/process of painting a client’s staircase.  It was a fun project, and a little different from the way I normally work. Instead of charging by the hour, I was asked to provide a quote for the materials and labour. Which I did, and […]

11 Oct 18
everything emelia

I kept seeing black interior doors and loving how they add so much depth to a room. With all our walls being Sherwin Williams Alabaster and white doors, I figured we could stomach some color- if you consider Benjamin Moore Onyx a color.

13 Sep 18
At Charlotte's House

Sometimes the easiest updates are the most satisfying! When I was asked by FrogTape to show you how amazing their tape is at creating super crisp lines, in a nutshell here’s how it went. I read my email and I was like: no problemo.

10 Sep 18
The Handmade Home

Hey hey friends!  We’re thrilled to be here with our Fall Tour 2018 today! Before we get started, we’ve also partnered up with some other fabulous friends so be sure to check them out for some pretty eye candy, too!  • Our Fifth House • Thistlewood Farms • Lolly Jane • The Inspired Room • […]

09 Sep 18

Painting the bathroom is just like painting any other room, right? Not so much, it turns out. I’ve painted my share over the years and never treated them any differently than any other room, but I’ve been doing it wrong. When it comes to bathrooms, there are a few things that make painting a little […]