09 Dec 18
Grammofonomania Grammofoni Gramophone Grammophon Grammofon
05 Dec 18

If you’re looking to tap into the very soul of rock music, consider improving your rig with a selection from our list of the top ten best overdrive pedals.

05 Dec 18

Whatever you need in a delay pedal, we’ve compiled this list of the top 21 best delay pedals to help you pick a great one.

02 Dec 18
Sam Ash Used Gear

This amazing Uni Vibe pedal from Fulltone sounds incredible and now comes in a convenient wah pedal style. The pedal even has the original transistors in the preamp that was in the original Uni Vibe pedal. This pedal is in really good condition overall and includes the box and power supply.

22 Nov 18

My thoughts on Legally Blonde The Musical and its guitar book, my experiences playing it and a rundown of the equipment I used…

07 Nov 18
Sam Ash Used Gear

This Fulltone Fulldrive 2 is in excellent shape, showing no signs of wear. This pedal does not come with the original box.

23 Oct 18

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a pick that you can buy in a shop, potentially in your local shop. No, there’s nothing wrong with me – but there’s no such thing as a plectrum that you shouldn’t try. The PrimeTone Series is the precursor and cousin to the current Flow Series, and is a great […]

02 Oct 18
In Reach Magazine

Drum and bass behemoths The Upbeats are set to release their latest EP – ‘No Sleep ‘Til…Japan & Iceland’ on October 5th. Seven months in the making & largely funded by their fans through Kickstarter – the EP showcases some of world’s best electronic artists including multi-talented powerhouse Noisia & dubstep maestro Goth-Trad. The EP floats between 140-175bpm […]

01 Oct 18

Fulltone Sb 2 Soul Bender – Buy – Fulltone Sb 2 Soul Bender