20 Jun 19
The Spiritual Garden

I’m a journal hoarder- don’t be like me. Instead, use your journals and don’t just stare at their gloriously blank pages with the intent to fill them, while never actually doing so. However, there is one journal, or set of journals, really, that I do dedicate quite of bit of time to using and that’s […]

20 Jun 19
News Archives Uk

A school has sparked outrage by asking teenagers to vote for their "best-looking" classmates. The secondary school in Kent has an apologized nomination form, which was handed out to 13- and 14-year-olds, after a student described the activity as "shocking". Year 9 pupils at Hugh Christie School in Tonbridge were also encouraged to nominate their […]

20 Jun 19

Jamaica News: Trainees and staff of the HEART Trust/NTA were among the first in line to pay respects to late former Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Edward Seaga, at the National Area on Wednesday (June 19), where his body is lying in state for two days. Representatives from training facilities all over the island came […]

20 Jun 19
Momo's Ramblings

There are so many traditions and culture that no longer have a place in this new world but I am going to mention a few.   1. Kugara nhaka This was done, say a married man dies and leaves behind a wife. The family would choose who among his brothers would take over his manly […]

20 Jun 19
Wilcocksons Unwrapped

In the last post on 5 June, I offered up a first selection of Wilcockson Wills abstracts including some of their married-ins or FANs (Friends, Neighbours, Associates). More additions have now been made to the Abstracts of Wilcockson Wills document, so click on the link to discover: 1549 Robert MADDOCK yeoman of Kirk Ireton1556 Thomas […]

20 Jun 19
Cheap Cremations Melbourne

Cremation Services People choose to be cremated for a number of reasons. The cremation costs Melbourne is considerably lower than a burial. They may not desire to have a visiting place for family to come to mourn. They may like to have their ashes scattered at their favourite place. e.g. fishing spot, etc. They may […]

20 Jun 19
Website SEO Blog UK

Bristol’s ruling Labour administration have admitted that they are putting their latest clean air proposals out to consultation without fully understanding their impact.

The local authority has been ordered by the government to submit plans to reduce the amount of harmful pollutants in the city’s atmosphere as quickly as possible.

Bristol City Council has already missed two deadlines and risks a hefty financial penalty if it misses a third.

So it is starting a public consultation in just over a week’s time despite not having all of the evidence it would like around the effects of its proposals on pollutant levels and public health.


Mayor Marvin Rees told a packed cabinet meeting on June 18: “We are all bound by the government’s directive that we have to reach compliance in the shortest possible time.

“More details wi

20 Jun 19
Noticias Ultimas

Han pasado años desde que se estrenaron en Ese programa de los 70, pero marido y mujer de la vida real Ashton Kutcher y Mila Kunis Todavía se sabe cómo compartir sus chuletas cómicas. La pareja encontró una manera inteligente de cerrar una En contacto semanal informe anunciando que su matrimonio de cuatro años Kutcher, […]

20 Jun 19
Archy Worldys

It’s been years since they costarred on That ‘70s Show, but real-life husband-and-wife Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis still know how to share their comedic chops. The couple found a clever way to shut down an In Touch Weekly report announcing that their four-year marriage is “over.” Kutcher, 41, posted a video of him and Kunis, who have a 4-year-old daughter […]

20 Jun 19
The Confluence

I started listening to Stay Tuned with Preet Bharara this morning and his guest Ben Rhoades. But after about 10 minutes into the interview, I switched to a BBC podcast on some Mytileneum Debate, which I had never heard of and means nothing to me. The reason why I switched was because I couldn’t bear […]

20 Jun 19

Source: Review copy #NetgalleyPublication Day: 20 June 2019 from John MurrayPP: 352 ISBN-13: 978-1473657441 ‘We’re spies,’ said Lamb. ‘All kinds of outlandish shit goes on.’ Like the ringing of a dead man’s phone, or an unwelcome guest at a funeral . . . In Slough House memories are stirring, all of them bad. Catherine Standish […]

20 Jun 19
Noa’s Blog

Scenario #1: A reporter is at a US Soldiers funeral, the mother asks for the reporter to join her in lighting the candle. What I would do: I would agree to light the candle because it is our of respect both to the mother and to the solider, but also respects the diplomatic ties between […]

20 Jun 19
Diaspora Messenger News Media

The body of Ms Norah Jelagat Borus, a Stanford University student who died last week, will be flown into the country this weekend, Nation has learnt. On Thursday, a source privy to the funeral

20 Jun 19
Fiction Writer's Guide to Reality:

The U.S. Army in the Occupation of Germany 1944-1946 (Center of Military History) – Post by Daniel Cornwall 12/23/2013 Representative questions that can be answered with this resource: How do occupiers see themselves? What problems do people under occupation face? How did the US manage relationships between GIs and German woman? What did a […]