17 Feb 19

Cone of Shame Alternative  Porgi did not have a fun Friday…our puppy had a successful neuter surgery. The pet hospital said he did a great job and woke ready to play! While he seemed a bit out of it for the first 36 hours, he started to become his normal, playful self. Unfortunately, while he […]

14 Feb 19

My huskies are blowing (shedding) their coats again. Lately, my house is a constant winter wonderland of white, soft, fluffy fur. The fur tufts skip across the floor like tumble weeds and seem to take utter enjoyment it in sticking to my pants, shirts, curtains, couch, bed, husband, food and pretty much everything else. It […]

12 Feb 19
Talking to Strangers

When I moved into my first apartment, I had exactly zero furniture. The first night I actually lived there, I sat on the ground and ate falafel sandwiches from Sultan Market in a giddy display of what I believed to be adult grit and fortitude. Eventually, I furnished my home with an eclectic mix of […]

11 Feb 19

If you rescue a pets, please rescue me also. If you purchase one, the profit goes to my and my sisters studies. Can you please purchase one mugs? your one purchase is not become my day, it’s become my life.

03 Feb 19
Rattle: Poetry

[audioplayer file=”https://www.rattle.com/audio/BradenCold.mp3″%5D Elya Braden COLD FRONT When the cold front hit, icing the breadbasket of America, the government banned all household pets. Too much waste! declared the President, who’d never walked a dog or stroked a cat. After the collection centers failed, the National Guard, with blue efficiency, swept through neighborhoods armed with dog treats […]

31 Jan 19
Puppy Journey

I knew I wanted to trim Nana’s nails myself. I was scared in the beginning, but I’m glad her nails are white — easier to see where her quicks are. I play with Nana’s paws every day, so when it comes time to grab her paws to trim her nails she didn’t hide. I started […]

28 Jan 19
Them Crazy Cats - Cat Care and Advice

Rios says: “I love my Zoom Groom. It’s the ultimate groom, massage and de-fur-er and I will literally roll around on the carpet and beg for Zoom Groom time”….

23 Jan 19

I was in the gym today when I had a flashback to acquiring my cat all those years go (…7 years ago…?) from a cat shelter in Windhoek for a sum of 100 Namibian Dollars (about 10 euros). Here’s how it went in my mind: When we went to the cat shelter I knew which […]

09 Jan 19
Cats and Hamsters

video showing all of my grooming tools, including the HairBuster. Short grooming demo with guinea pig guest.