12 Dec 18
Around the Korner

“If you decide to become a veterinary surgeon you will never grow rich but you will have a life of endless interest and variety.” James Herriot Mr. Maxwell T. Silverstone came back from his vet visit shorn and chilled and unhappy. In fact, the other two cats are also not impressed with this bizarre creature […]

12 Dec 18

‘Tis the season for mass consumption. While the things I’m buying are for others, I still feel occasionally like I’m trapped in a snow globe that’s given a good old shake once and a while. Even for a person who has practised not buying things all year, this holiday season has been confusing, like wandering […]

12 Dec 18

Global Cat Shampoo & Conditioner Industry New Study On “2018-2025 Cat Shampoo & Conditioner Market Global Key Player, Demand, Growth, Opportunities and Analysis Forecast” Added to Wise Guy Reports Database In 2017, the global Cat Shampoo & Conditioner market size was million US$ and is forecast to million US in 2025, growing at a CAGR […]

10 Dec 18
Shih Tzu Dog

Shih Tzu Combs A Shih Tzu is a small, snugly built dog breed with dense, plush hair. It is well-known for its long, flowing coat that sways with every move. This breed sheds minimally, making it the ideal choice for individuals with minor allergies to fur or for those who prefer not to clean up […]

09 Dec 18
Charleigh Writes

Today I’m here with another gift guide – this time for our beloved pets. Our pets are just another family member and I don’t know about anyone else but I love to spoil them rotten. Here are some ideas – the majority of cat and dog products I’ve included I have for my own pets […]

07 Dec 18

The global Pet hair care market has been segmented on the basis of product type, application, and distribution channel. On the basis of product type, the market has been segmented into combs, shampoos, conditioners, serums, brushes, and shedding and trimming tools. Based on application, the market has been segmented into dogs, cats, birds, equine and […]

06 Dec 18
Devoted Mommy of 3

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05 Dec 18
nail atrs for all girls

I understand if this isn’t allowed.. But my friend has just opened a dog grooming salon on Grant and Sunshine and I was just wanting to put our name out there! It is Groomed Pet Spa and we offer nail trims/grinds, baths, full grooms, and Furminator treatments! We do baths and nail trims/nail capping for […]

05 Dec 18
Devoted Mommy of 3

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04 Dec 18

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03 Dec 18

Several dog breeds have distinctive coat features and need constant grooming. Some breeds have a double coat, with the first one for insulation during winter and other for outer guard hair. The fur on some breeds thicken during winter, and the excess hair is shed in warmer seasons. Other than body temperature regulation, the hair […]

02 Dec 18
Gift City Offers

BUY DOG NAIL CLIPPERS: The SAFARI Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer is designed for dog nail trimming and maintenance DOG NAIL TRIMMER: It is important to your pet’s well-being to keep the nails properly trimmed; To successfully trim your pet’s nails hold the paw firmly and trim the tip of the nail with a single […]

30 Nov 18
Gracefully Jan

It’s 2018 and by now almost everyone has a Prime Amazon account. To all my fellow dog lovers who have fury children, I have listed the best products you can buy on Amazon that your dog will love and you will too!!! *These products are apart of the Amazon Affiliate program and I may receive […]

29 Nov 18

We’ve already covered Top 10 Dog Shampoos, so it’s time to look at some of the best conditioners for dogs! Nothing feels as good as a dog that’s been conditioned using a high-quality conditioner, so I’ve done my best to track down only the best ones and compile them together so you can take your pick. […]

23 Nov 18
Pembrokes & Ponies

If you haven’t been living under a rock, odds are that you have seen one of the thousands of articles flooding the internet showcasing my favorite dog breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgis. It’s hard NOT to scroll through Instagram or Facebook without coming across another adorable picture of a corgi, but who’s complaining, right? Who on […]

23 Nov 18
The Dog Network

Ready to start your Christmas shopping?  Are you trying to find the perfect gift for your dog?  Or is there a dog lover on your Christmas list?  Check out our list of awesome gift ideas for the dog or dog lover in your life.