G. Romano

19 Jul 19
It Rolls.

One horsepower. Glorified lawn chairs for seats. Total weight: Less than 500 pounds. No protection from the elements. Approximate cost per vehicle: $9.5 million. Total distance traveled: About 56 miles. But they were some pretty good miles. . . . . . .

19 Jul 19

Tornano le vibranti emozioni del Festival Nazionale di voci nuove nel Cilento ideato e prodotto dall’Associazione Culturale L’Aurora di Torchiara. L’undicesima edizione SI APRE AD ASCEA MARINA sul lungomare in Piazza Europa sabato 20 luglio 2019 alle ore 21,00. Il tradizionale contest vede in concorso sul palco di alcuni dei più bei posti del Cilento, […]

19 Jul 19
Down the Rabbit Hole: Teaching with Technology in the ELA Classroom

Despite only one semester of full-time teaching, I have already learned the value of having a professional learning network. The connections I have made in the field have provided opportunities for professional development, provided genius ideas for lesson activities and classroom management strategies, and have generally helped me improve as a person and as an […]

18 Jul 19

Come sapete tutti adoro la pasta frolla… Devo ammettere che dopo aver assaggiato la versione salata sto pensando di tradire le crostate a favore dei BISCOTTI AL FORMAGGIO! Uno tira l’altro, soprattutto sei si sfornano i biscotti al formaggio in occasione di un happy hour con gli amici… Con un bicchiere di bianco o una […]

17 Jul 19

This recipe is also known as ‘Pollo alla Romana’ because it is a classic traditional Roman recipe. It is especially enjoyed during summer, and is the traditional lunch to cook during the national public holiday ‘Ferragosto’ which always falls on August 15th. It is a popular holiday (many family owned restaurants and food stores may […]

17 Jul 19
Amanda Explains It

I get it. Life is already tough enough when you’re met with a groan and eye roll from every waiter when you politely ask about the restaurant’s gluten-free options. And don’t get me started on the fact that every grocery run is automatically lengthened due to the fact that you’re committed to meticulously scanning dozens of labels […]

17 Jul 19
Wil Williams Reviews

In 2018, Arden made waves as one of the most interesting takes on true crime in fiction podcasting. Arden is a true crime satire, both poking fun at the genre and and becoming a perfectly thrilling mystery in itself–while also being a modernization of Romeo and Juliet.  The podcast’s second season, debuting December 30th, 2019, will be a take on […]

17 Jul 19
reset nokia e71 lock code if lost

Xiaomi redmi note 6 pro this device is locked get Xiaomi Radmi Note 6 pro Hard Rest / Frp Lock Remove, time: 13:44 Medal redmi xiaomi redmi note 6 pro this device is locked cell phone deals one 16:05 – It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of […]