Gallatin County

25 Jun 19
Clay Forsberg

Two years ago I wrote a post called The Failing of a Town. This tragic piece features the story of Deon Gillen of Livingston, Montana. Gillen was repeated bullied in school, often being called stupid and retarded. After numerous failed attempts over several years by his mother to get the school to intervene, Deon finally […]

25 Jun 19
Current School News

Best Universities in the World – If there is one thing that is common today, it would be school, we have lots of them and sometime you just get confuse which is the best, so to help you out, I will be listing the top 100 best universities in the world. 1    University of […]

24 Jun 19
Route 1 Reporter

The total number of declared new residential units in the development pipeline now exceeds 5,500.

23 Jun 19

Reader’s Digest has named the 50 finalists of its third annual search for “The Nicest Place in America,” a national crowd-sourced effort to uncover places where people are kind and treat each other with respect. In an era of cultural and political divides, “Nicest Places” is Reader’s Digest’s response. Over a submission period of 31 […]

22 Jun 19
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Severe storms rolled through Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky Friday, bringing strong winds and heavy rains with it. The storms prompted tornado and thunderstorm warnings across the area. The wind knocked around a lot of the tents set up for Pride Festival in Downtown Nashville. Nashville Electric Service reported that approximately 40,000 residents are without power. They released the following statement: “The storms that moved through Middle Tennessee this evening have caused widespread damage throughout our service territory.  The winds caused trees and power lines to fall, and currently, we have approximately 40,000 without power. Crews will continue working through the night until all power is restored. Due to the widespread damage, repairs will take some time. We ask for your patience as we work to restore power. Do not go near downed power lines. If you see a downed line, call 911. If you need to report a power outage, call 615-234-000, text “OUT” to 637797 if you have registered for text message service, or go to our website if you have signed up for an online account.”Nashville Electric Service Dickson Electric reported that they were working to restore power to over 11,000 customers. Dickson Electric said in a statement that it could be the end of the weekend before all power is restored. “Over 11,000 customers are now out- outages are spread all over the service map (as pictured). We have called for additional contract crews to come assist our efforts. Once we can pick up the TVA transmission line, the majority of customers should be restored, but there will be NUMEROUS outages and several thousand customers out with extensive damage that will require crews to make repairs to restore. Many customers will experience extended outages, and we will do our best to update with more info when possible. If you or a family member is without power and dependent on electricity for life-sustaining medical equipment, please plan to make other arrangements if possible. We will do our best to restore power as quickly and safely as possible, but our system has been hit hard and our restoration efforts will last well into the weekend. Stay safe!”Dickson Electric Gallatin Department of Electricity also said they were working to resolve outages all over the city. Williamson County Emergency Management Agency says they’ve received multiple reports of downed power lines and trees. A list of the closed roads can be found here. Video also came into News 2 of a fence lining Percy Priest Dam in Nashville that collapsed due to the strong winds. In Hopkinsville, a home’s roof was heavily damaged. There were no injuries. (Photo: News 2 viewer Brandon) In Rutherford County, EMS told News 2 at tree fell on a house on College Street in Greenbriar. Marshall County, Kentucky also had some storm damage at the Kentucky Dam Marina.
21 Jun 19
The Chestnut Post

Over a submission period of 31 days, Reader’s Digest collected more than 1,000 stories of places across America where people are kind and civility is winning. From these submissions, Reader’s Digest editors and a panel of judges selected 50 places – one for every state. Now, America will vote on which of these finalists will […]

21 Jun 19
The Columbia Paper

Michael F. Burrows (1957 – 2019) HUDSON—Michael Frank Burrows of Chatham went home to be with the Lord June 18, 2019 at Columbia Memorial Hospital after a long struggle with diabetes and its many complications. Born September 10, 1957 in Hudson, he was the son of the late William and Marion Podgorski Burrows. He grew […]

21 Jun 19
The Montana Post

If it’s been some time since you read George Orwell’s 1984, you may have forgotten one of its powerful passages, in which the protagonist Winston does his most troubling work at the Ministry of Truth, tossing inconvenient documents about the past into memory holes so that they—and the truth they carried—would be forgotten forever: Similar slits […]

21 Jun 19
24/7 Wall St.

U.S. GDP has grown steadily since the end of the Great Recession, and GDP per capita stands at $62,590, a record high. By these benchmarks, the United States is in a period of historic prosperity. As with any single economic measure, however, this data falls short of painting a complete picture. To better capture prosperity […]

21 Jun 19

A Montana sheriff’s office has issued a stern warning to people looking for Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure. In a Facebook post, the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office said a man was hurt recently near Yellowstone National Park looking for the Forrest Fenn treasure chest. Nearly a decade ago, author and art dealer Forrest Fenn said he […]

20 Jun 19

Thousands of people have been on the hunt for treasure in the Rocky Mountains since a man hid a chest with gold and rare objects there nearly a decade ago. But Montana law enforcement issued a warning to treasure hunters on Tuesday that it could be a deadly pursuit. “In the last couple years, two […]