Garry Namponan

20 Mar 19
The Creative Classroom with Mrs Haf

I immediately knew what theme I wanted to use for this challenge. Living in the remote community of Aurukun I have been drawn to the beautiful wooden sculptures of the Indigenous artists who live and work here. I knew I somehow wanted to incorporate their sculptures and stories into this task. Being a part of […]

12 Jan 19
MaryAnn Adair's 'Is it art' Blog

Ku (2012) [Natural ochres with acrylic binder on milkwood] by Garry Namponan; and Ku (2012) [Natural ochres and charcoal with acrylic binder on milkwood] by Roderick Yunkaporta. Garry Namponan (born 1960+) is a Ku (camp dog) sculpture artist, home is at Aurukun, on the western coast of Cape York Peninsula. Namponan learned his art from […]

25 Sep 18
Canberra CityNews

PARLIAMENT House is busy celebrating its 30th birthday this year so this year’s free open day, planned for Saturday, October 6, is expected to be special. The anniversary of the building’s opening in 1988 seems to have called for some heavy-duty statistics and staff members rejoice in telling us, for instance, that enough concrete was […]

04 Sep 18
Trendy Craze

Aurukun artist Garry Namponan with his wood carvings from National | Daily Telegraph