22 Feb 19
Long Hair Pretty Nails

Recreating old nail designs has been a fun challenge and it’s a good gauge of how far I’ve come. This nail design from 2009 was one of my favorites at the time. Check out the nail tutorial to see how I recreate these. Products Used: Clear Nail Tips Gelish Ph BondHarmony Pro Bond Nail PrimerASP […]

19 Feb 19
Dr. Shari Wilson

Even though its use is often advised by doctors, the painkiller acetaminophen — best known as Tylenol — does not help treat lower back pain, according to a new Australian study. The researchers found the drug was no more effective than a dummy pill for more than 1,600 people suffering from acute lower back […]

19 Feb 19

You probably need to be selective about products you’re going to use to beautify your nails even more. Nothing could be more disheartening than watching your gel nail polish chip out just the next day of the manicure. You would certainly not want this anytime. You would always try to rely on the best gel […]

16 Feb 19
Smoke & Mirrors nail art blog

Before we head into spring colors and designs, I wanted to share with you one of my manicures using this beautiful, rich shimmer polish from the Gelish Marilyn Monroe Forever Fabulous collection. The polish is called I Prefer Millionaires, and it’s one of my favorites in the collection. For the design I tried out a new […]

15 Feb 19
j wordd

today is valentines day. most people hate today. they call it a hallmark holiday and don’t celebrate. but to me, i love it. why? it’s just another day of the year to show the people you love just how much you love them. why is that such a bad thing? this year, bobby wasn’t supposed […]

10 Feb 19

Do you need to make your nails look greater sexy? Then a gel or shellac nail filing is the best advice. i am often asked what best led nail lamp is best for curing UV or Led nail polishes used in gel manicures. underneath are my five fine nail lamp hints. This capabilities UV nail […]

10 Feb 19
Pinky Beauty Corner

Že zelo dolgo časa sem si želela umetne nohte, ampak skoraj nikoli nisem imela priložnosti, da bi si jih kupila. Jaz nasploh obožujem nohte še posebej gelish ali pa umetne nohte. Šla sem tudi v Müller in Dm pogledat za umetne nohte, ampak so tam vsi bili skoraj nad 10€, v Tediju pa sem našla […]

10 Feb 19

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09 Feb 19
Herbalist CBD Oil

You often hear how omega3 is best your health, how generally help prevent disease maybe help you deal a few you may already be suffering with, so you went to the pharmacy to buy some. Once at shop you are bombarded is not of brands, dosages and type. You only want to obtain omega […]

08 Feb 19
The Coding Manual 5000

Modeling languages are really similar to an artificial language which is a consistent set of rules used to express information or systems. There are two of them, Graphical and Textual. Graphical Languages consist of diagrams with symbols and lines and with the set of rules for each symbol and line this can be translated to […]

07 Feb 19
Consuelo Shop

Gelish Lacquer Evolution Starter Kit 3 Piezas + Lampara Led ==== Basic Characteristics ==== Nails Online El producto incluye: * 3 lacquer evolution 8ml * 1 lámpara led 9w * 1 nivelador de ph/ adhesivo proteínico * 1 toallitas limpiadoras * 1 removedor de gel con 30 pz * 1 empujador de cutícula – Condition: […]

06 Feb 19
Long Hair Pretty Nails

A lot of you really enjoyed my 10 Year Challenge in which I recreated my first acrylic nails design. I found a picture of another old nail design from 2009. This time I wanted to recreate the design with a modern twist. Since I do have to wear these nails out and about lol. Products […]

06 Feb 19
cbd oil

Soaps have grown to be an essential part of our daily source of revenue. What is a a cleaning agent? It is a cleansing agent created out of the salts of vegetable or animal fats. In certain countries, the tv serials identified as soap operas purely because are mainly sponsored by soap classifieds! Soaps are […]