17 Jun 19
FrankieG Home & Travel Gallery

Tuesday 11th June I took Donnis to Robina for Acupuncture and Osteopath treatment on her knee. I took the opportunity to go to the nearby Robina Town Centre and take my phone to the Samsung kiosk for a check -up. A clean out of the cache and all done. I wandered the food court and […]

10 Mar 19
Christine Greenwood

This series presents answers to the 7 questions asked at the end of my latest E-Book. Find out more here. The Boy Can’t Cook Mark is an outrageously terrible cook. Seriously. The kind of person who can’t boil eggs. However, you may have heard him boast about how well he cooks. I, too, have heard […]

13 Feb 19
Sweepers Australia | Blog

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31 Jan 19
Augusta Free Press

The EMU basketball women lost on the road at Virginia Wesleyan 76-53 Wednesday night. The Royals fall to 9-11 on the season and 6-7 in conference play.