18 Apr 19

New York City is about to pass its own Green New Deal Fast Company • Thu, 18 Apr 2019 06:00:21 GMT The Climate Mobilization Act is a series of proposals that includes forcing the owners of city’s large buildings–a huge source of its carbon footprint–to make them more efficient. Trump Tower, like… The wild, 20-plus-year […]

28 Mar 19

We are so excited! We’ve recently heard that in September we have approximately two hundred Year 7 children arriving at the Nuneaton Academy. We’re growing so fast we’re going to be opening more classrooms and have already expanded our curriculum by, amongst making load of other changes, appointing a music teacher for next year – […]

21 Mar 19
Mireille and Eddie on the Road

In my last post, I talked about how timing was everything and how the sequence in which you experience different things (movies or RV parks for example) can have an impact on your impressions and relationship with these things. While we can do what we can to mitigate this, we never know what we don’t […]

20 Mar 19
Concrete Wolves

It’s late Friday afternoon, head is still a bit fuzzy from Thursday’s “I’ll go out for one” drinks, and you are dreading that last minute email from your boss asking for an update on that thing you said you would get done by Tuesday.  This week, this time is going by extra slowly as you […]

16 Mar 19

So getting to the Andaman Islands isn’t  as easy or a fluid as you might think. We flew to Singapore then to Chennai from Saigon. Had an over night in a hotel 5 mins from the airport in Chennai. Didn’t sleep so well as we had to be down stairs at reception by 7am. We […]

14 Mar 19
Pathways to the Past

Here is a another post to give you a flavour of what it is like to walk the Royal Saxon Way. Feeling brave, two weeks ago my wife Diana and I decided to tackle the whole of the 16 mile loop, starting at home in Lyminge and walking down to Folkestone and back. It was […]

05 Mar 19
Knights, Mates & Pawns

What have an old-time billboard depicting a colonial officer being served his drink by a turbaned Sikh servant, the charge by 20 000 crazed Sudanese dervishes, a bunch of young Boers wanting to shoot down a mad Englishman, German leaflets thrown down over British lines during World War 1, the ruffled feathers of a by-gone, […]

02 Mar 19
News Archives Uk

The news of the difficulties encountered on the highest mountains in the world is often extremely slow. A contact call is missed. A storm is coming down. The hours go in days until the feeling of crisis solidifies. The latest communication with British mountaineer Tom Ballard and his Italian partner, Daniele Nardi, was a satellite […]

28 Feb 19
point Digital Blog

Coupons Pizza 73 Promo Codes March 2019 Mega Meal For $32.99 Details: No coupon code needed. Tap to shop the sale now. Coupons Ghurka Promo Codes March 2019 30% Off Sale Items + Free Shipping on Orders Over $250 Details: Get 30% Off Sale Items Plus Free Shipping on Orders over $250 Coupons Weber Grills And Accessories […]

22 Feb 19

The Argentine theater director and filmmaker Lola Arias reflects on her practice of creating work that provides the space to reflect on social or philosophical problems.

13 Feb 19
Frequent Miler

Travel Mileage/Points Increases Merchant Best Rate on 02/13/2019 Best Rate on02/12/2019 AJ Madison 4 (1) mi./$ 3 pt./$ Best Rate History Beautified You 4 mi./$ Best Rate History Coach 5 mi./$ 4 mi./$ Best Rate History COCOTIQUE 250 mi. Best Rate History Dell Consumer 6 (1) mi./$ 4 (2) mi./$ Best Rate History Glossybox 2.5 […]

06 Feb 19

Could I Be The Oldest Backpacker In Asia During 2019? Sometime in early January 2019, at the tender age of 74 years, I left the UK for Malaysia in order to spend time backpacking around Asia. I didn’t travel in the usual (boring) way, i.e. in an aircraft, oh no, If you look at the photo […]

30 Jan 19
Frequent Miler

Travel Mileage/Points Increases Merchant Best Rate on 01/30/2019 Best Rate on01/29/2019 Apple Store 6 (1) mi./$ 3 pt./$ Best Rate History Blue Apron 1200 (250) mi. 1071 pt. Best Rate History Contacts Direct 6 (5) mi./$ 5 (4) mi./$ Best Rate History Fossil Farms 2.5 mi./$ Best Rate History Jared The Galleria of Jewelry 5 […]

24 Jan 19
How to Fuck it Up

“Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.” Bobby I walked under the interstate, surrounded by grass, solidarity, the occasional hubcap, and the sound of trucks racing overhead. All around us on the sturdy concrete that held the road up was beautiful art; fantastic alien creatures in a pure Picasso […]

21 Jan 19
Frequent Miler

Travel Mileage/Points Increases Merchant Best Rate on 01/21/2019 Best Rate on01/20/2019 AllSaints 7 pt./$ 5 pt./$ Best Rate History Athleta 6 (4) mi./$ 4 pt./$ Best Rate History Barneys New York 7 (2) mi./$ 5 pt./$ Best Rate History Barneys New York Warehouse 7 (2) mi./$ 5 pt./$ Best Rate History Boxed 10 (4) mi./$ […]

10 Jan 19
Weapons and Warfare

Tragically for the British, no word of the fiasco had reached either the remaining battalions of the 12th Brigade (the Argyls and the 5/14th Punjabis) or the 28th Brigade. The Japanese armored juggernaut, (about 16 tanks strong at this point), with what remained of the accompanying infantry and engineers, continued south at a fast pace. […]

24 Dec 18

A fond farewell to our hosts for the last week, and onwards to the next part of the adventure!! Our next stop was Salisbury, chosen because I was born in nearby Tidworth, and spent some of my youth there. Also, there is the world’s most beautiful medieval cathedral and Stonehenge is just up the road. […]