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11 Dec 18
Widowed Friends

As the days grow shorter and the weather colder, it’s a good time of year to settle down for a little light reading. For those who’ve lost partners, this can often be a difficult time of year as memories of happy times and traditions now gone arise. With that in mind, we’ve selected a few […]

11 Dec 18
The Columns

“I really hope this scholarship helps someone get out of W&L what I did. I hope they can pour their heart and soul into their experience without being concerned with the financial burden so many people have.” — Tyler Lenczuk ’14 The Gift that Keeps On Giving When Tyler Lenczuk ’08 married Danielle Galanti in […]

11 Dec 18
Earley Birds

Ya’ll. It’s happening! Our home study is completed, our adoption profile is ordered, and we are officially match eligible! As we get closer and closer to finding our match, there’s a few ways we could really use your help in the coming days, weeks, months: Prayers! We trust that God is creating a beautiful family for […]

11 Dec 18

This is not going to be your usual travel chronicle. This is the record of someone who has survived it.

11 Dec 18
Choose Today Whom You Will Serve

Don’t believe the lie of the deceiver who whispers: “Gold sounds like a nice gift. I’m not so sure about the other two.” God’s Truth: Matthew 2:11 Prayer:I’m remembering the Christmas classic short story of “Why the Bells Chimed”. I’m remembering the popular song, The Drummer Boy. I’m not above feeling the need to ask […]

11 Dec 18
News Exc Celebrity

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Black-and-white photographs showing the horror and heroes of the Korean War have come to life thanks to digital colourisation.

These incredible images show many different sides of the war between North and South Korea, which started in 1950 and ended with an armistice in 1953. 

One photo shows a memorial service for fallen U.S. soldiers on the front line, another a young John Glenn – who would go on to become the first man to orbit the Earth as an astronaut and later a U.S. Senator. 

Other striking shots show soldiers and vehicles struggle through snowy conditions, a US soldier giving a young Korean child a gift and a brave bagpiper on a hill.

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11 Dec 18

Sarah Paulson is killing me. I’ve asked to read the text chain she has going with her Ocean’s 8 co-stars (weeks before it was reportedly deleted), and though she’s given me a firm “nope” because she doesn’t “want to get kicked off the chain,” she’s now holding her phone a foot-and-a-half from my face, offering […]

11 Dec 18

Leaves falling, family and friends gathering together, and the sweet aroma of roasted turkey and desserts escaping the kitchen. For most Dominican students, a Thanksgiving Day without these things is unimaginable. However, for many of the residents of Dominican’s surrounding community, this holiday experience is hard to come by. While these families often go without, […]

11 Dec 18
The aesthetics vida

Did you know that Americans purchase approximately to 1.6 billion Christmas cards every year? Well, I bet some of you didn’t but don’t worry you are not alone, I too didn’t know until a few days ago when I was doing my research. Do you realize that we are only two weeks away from Christmas? […]

11 Dec 18
Site Title

Giving bottles of wine, olive oil and other goodies is pretty popular this year, whether as holiday gifts or for hostesses of holiday parties. It’s fun to jazz up such gifts with a little homemade touch like these knit toque … Read More… from Craft Gossip

11 Dec 18
Bling Bling Gift For Girlfriend on Valentines Day

Content by-McBride Lockhart I see the difference in property value when I receive lost driving around area Saturday morning. I discovered a neighborhood in Vertisements.E. D.C. that completely reminds me of New Orleans in the sense that is definitely low income property with trash strewn everywhere individuals standing around on street corners tension anything but […]