Giggle Moon

27 Jun 19
My Pink Fairytales

I wish my name was Scarlet Stone ⭐️ As my friend Isabella would say, bloody hell , what an amazing book!Second in a row for me by this author, I’m simply blown away by the magnitude of this story.There’s this Scarlet Stone, a third-generation thief who leaves all her life behind in UK, moving to US to die. […]

26 Jun 19
Let's Chat Self Care

For Christmas 2018, my Mum gifted me a handful of skin care items from a brand I had never heard of before – it came enclosed in a beautiful box with simple, bright packaging that made me excited to start using it. A mini backstory: Since I was in high school and experienced the dreaded […]

26 Jun 19
B. Love Publications

Hey, reader! Tomorrow Mycah Edwards blesses our kindles with the most beautiful, heart stirring and passion filled poetic collection. To prepare you for what she has in store we have one more final sneak peek to share with you. SYNOPSIS “Your brown skin imprinted on my mind, I couldn’t forget your smile even while I […]

26 Jun 19
Simming With Sweet Nightingale

As the day wore on, Lenora appeared to be feeling better, but Tyrone was still worried. She’d managed to crawl out of bed by mid-afternoon, but through their bond, Tyrone sensed how puny she still felt. Lenora insisted she didn’t need medical attention, magical or otherwise, but Tyrone wasn’t convinced. Apparently, the fates were conspiring […]

26 Jun 19
Loved Into Light

I approached the hotel room door with my stomach in knots. I almost couldn’t bring myself to knock. This was real and I was beside myself. I was about to meet my son for the first time since his birth. The perfect golden-haired baby boy I had given up for adoption 18 years prior. The […]

26 Jun 19
The Fantasy Inn

I love walking. Literally the only fitness goal I have is to be able to, if I hate everything about my life badly enough, go out the door and walk until I get to another country. (To be clear, I’m European, so this isn’t actually crazy fit.) And in particular I love walking while listening […]

26 Jun 19
Tangleroot And Tressknot

Artemis, her heaving virgin breast racing hard upon the hunt, the hilltop crest bathed in moonlight with nimble nymphs thronging their Mistress of the Moon, all limbs longing for the twanging of the trembling bows and Fall’s leaves flying, red-feathered as arrows cast down upon the wild, bush-battling boar, shadowed by her hounds, swift upon […]

26 Jun 19
Erotic Story and Sex Story

Sign Up for Free to Start Nude Dating After about five minutes, a woman came in. She was older, likely in her 50s or 60s, but she had a no-nonsense air about her that even I found slightly intimidating. She had handcuffs, a gag, and a riding crop attached to her belt, and behind me […]

26 Jun 19
Women's dresses for special occasions

Flowy summer dresses pinterest – Online pinterest flowy summer dresses japanese Petite & Curvy: How to Wear a MAXI DRESS I Summer Trend Guide, time: 5:33 Flowy summer dresses pinterest like princess For instance, if our service is temporarily suspended for maintenance, we might send you an email. Flowy summer dresses pinterest Inside the TravelSmith […]

26 Jun 19
One Introvert's Adventures

My head hurts with a deep, pulsing ache I can’t quite pinpoint.  The pain has distracted me for three, maybe four days now.  What does it mean? And when will it end? Is it an artifact of the stomach bug that kept me homebound all week? Germs passed from daughter to mother as I repeatedly […]

26 Jun 19

Tatooine // Somewhere near the Great Chott Salt Flats // -1  “I do not want to get stuck on this planet without a way to get out of here, so we need to fix this ship and we need to fix it now,” Nikara said, fumbling with the undercarriage of the small ship. She was right, Cassian thought; they had no surefire way […]

26 Jun 19
World with Dana

Disclaimer: this post is in no way sponsored by Happy Skincare. The opinions are entirely my own, and I have gathered the factual product information from their website. For Christmas 2018 my Mum gifted me a handful of skin care items from Happy Skincare – it came enclosed in a beautiful box with simple, bright […]

25 Jun 19

At the beginning of the human race, some things that were legend were true. Two adventurers found a fountain in 4000 BC. They were tired from their travels and took shelter from the storm. Thirsty in the night, the two drank from the fountain. Thinking nothing of it, they go back to sleep. One of […]

25 Jun 19
Authentically Allie

Dear Thendo,  My sweet, sweet angel. My joy moves parallel to your growth. I remember when I first moved to your house. A stranger, to you, a recently turned 3 year old. We did not look alike. We did not speak the same language, but that changed. You always say to me now, “When I […]

25 Jun 19
Shifting Lines

The stupid Ancient Runes assignment only took up a few hours on Saturday, and two on Sunday. Then I was free from having to sit with Snivellus. Luckily he didn’t bring up his nasty thoughts about my friends to me, though he didn’t really need to; they had already wormed their way into my brain. […]

25 Jun 19

She stares at the ceiling as if there is something written on it. Or most awkwardly as if there is a footprint on it. She looked like she had time travelled to another dimension. She was in the room, her room, but not really in the room. Her pulse rate was low like an animal […]

25 Jun 19
Anderson Valley Advertiser

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