Gil Bret

07 Apr 19

Americans will elect the next president of the United States on November 3, 2020. Twenty notable elected officials and public figures—18 Democrats and two Republicans—have entered the race or formed a presidential exploratory committee: Cory Booker (D) Pete Buttigieg (D) Julian Castro (D) John Delaney (D) Tulsi Gabbard (D) Kirsten Gillibrand (D) Mike Gravel (D) Kamala Harris (D) John Hickenlooper (D) Jay Inslee (D) Amy […]

18 Mar 19

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26 Feb 19
Tom Hoffarth's The Drill: More Farther Off the Wall

to celebrate episode #600, @HomerJSimpson gave me a personal tour of Springfield… #TheSimpsons — Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) October 14, 2016 There’s a quote from Homer that often rattles around in our head. ‘Twas Homer Simpson, not the more famous poet, who famously once remarked: “Hmmmmm. TV. The beautiful distraction from the certainty of death.” […]

24 Feb 19

Originally published in French in the Huffington Post in February 2018, translated by Carolyn Avery and Chantal Barry. SCIENTIFIC CULTURE MUST BE RECLAIMED “Culture is not inherited; it must be fought for”. These words spoken by André Malraux when he was Minister for Cultural Affairs have not yet been applied to the field of […]

15 Feb 19
None Title


25 Jan 19
Ohio Needs a Train

So upon the announcement of a new Woodstock 1, my interior Old Rock Dude scoffed, thinking that it would, of course, be terrible. This is a reflex that I’m always a little curious to see rear its head, because it’s not something that I generally indulge in. I’m always pretty happy to see things that […]

14 Jan 19
Monterey Herald
Boys Damon Barcenas, Salinas wrestling: Was a champion at 145 pounds for the Cowboys at the Bret Mar Wrestling Tournament at Independence High in San Jose. Honorable mention: Angel Villagomez, Greenfield basketball; Bryan Martinez, North Salinas soccer; Angel Trujillo, King City basketball; Mark Diego, Monterey soccer; Kai Lee, Carmel basketball; Oscar Castro, Greenfield soccer; Jerry Wu, York basketball; Tahjae Ordonio, Monterey basketball; Connor Olin, Stevenson basketball; Colin Neff, Palma basketball; Grant Sergent, Palma football; Josue Gil-Silva, Alisal basketball; AJ Saldana, Salinas basketball; Joseph Bertao, North County basketball; Jack Sendell, Pacific Grove basketball; Isaiah Banuelos, Gonzales basketball. Girls Niamh Burke, Santa Catalina soccer: Produced a career-high six goals in the Cougars win over Anzar of San Juan Bautista, and added three more in a decision over Oakwood of Morgan Hill. Honorable mention: Erika Perez, Salinas wrestling; Soana Laulotu, Carmel basketball; Alyssa Torres, North County basketball; Yesenia Tinajera, Alisal soccer; Larkin Stephenson, Stevenson soccer; Nancy Andrade, King City basketball; Mikayla Arista, Alisal basketball; Destiney Urzua, North Salinas basketball; Angela Leavitt, Notre Dame basketball; Julia Carrasco, Greenfield soccer; Rhea Cosand, Stevenson basketball; Wendy Porzig, Pacific Grove basketball; Sharrell McDowell, Monterey basketball; Jordan Olivares, Seaside basketball; Sashana Gore, Seaside soccer.
28 Nov 18
Nix zum Anziehen - ein Kleiderschrank

Ich dachte, ich probiers mal aus. Bei “Stolz und Vorurteil” hat Lizzie im Film doch so ein ähnliches Teil an, während sie durch die Landschaft rennt. MIT Kapuze. Allerdings ohne Reißverschluß – den gabs damals ja noch nicht..oder war das doch ein Umhang? Egal. eBay, 5 Euro für einen gebrauchten Dufflecoat, eine halbe Nummer zu […]

06 Nov 18
Cooperstown Cred

On Monday, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum announced the names of 10 candidates for a plaque in Cooperstown via the “Today’s Game” Era Committee, the current version of what’s been known for a long time as the “Veterans Committee.” The Today’s Game Committee is tasked with electing Hall of Famers whose primary […]

19 Oct 18
the Hall of Miller and Eric

We close out week one of our post-season positional updates with second base. This position offers one guy near the top and a bunch of guys near the bottom. More excitingly, it offers some hope in the middle, guys who haven’t qualified for the HoME yet but may very well get there. And there are […]