Gil Hibben

10 Apr 19
Cutting Edge Artistry With Kammi Dingman

Master Craftsman, Roderick “Caribou” Chappel, was a custom bladesmith based primarily out of Washington state. All of his blades were high-caliber works of art. He was an artist that brought his pen and paper drawings to life with ease and dexterity. A trail blazer, his passion for bladesmithing greatly impacted the custom knifemaking industry. His […]

10 Jan 19
Is Choosing Smith and Wesson Worth? Find it Here

As Major Hoerig sat down to tie his shoe Claudia walked behind him, shooting him previously back and thus point-blank in back of his your head. She then left him there, where he is discovered by his parents 3 days later. Of course, there are wide ranging other famous knives represented here as well. You […]

11 Jun 18

I saw this headline from The Express: LONDON BLOODBATH: The terrifying knives flooding streets fuelling stabbing rampage Oh dear God, what is this.  I had to see. BRITAIN is in the grip of a knife crime epidemic with barely a day going by without another victim adding to grim statistics with at least 37 people […]

29 May 18
Cutting Edge Cutlery Co.

10 5/8″ overall. 6 1/2″ mirror polished stainless blade with brass spine plate. Hardwood handle with stainless finger guard and pommel. Black leather boot clip sheath.