Gino Ferrari

18 Mar 19

Il Grande Torino were one of Italian football’s most revered and successful sides. This is the story of their success in the 1940s.

11 Mar 19

In life bags are essential, whether you’re into big shopper bags, crossbody bags or tiny clutches, they’re needed and appreicated. Growing up I watched Sex and the City and would study the bags Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte would style each outfit with. I learnt whether or not you accessorised your outfit with jewellery, regardless […]

08 Mar 19
Catholic and Multimedia Challenged

FRIDAY MARCH 8, 2019 FRIDAY AFTER ASH WEDNESDAY ST JOHN OF GOD, RELIGIOUS FOUNDER DAY OF ABSTINENCE FROM MEAT (AGE 14 AND UP) Is 58: 1-9a Ps 51: 3-6ab, 18-19 Mt 9: 14-15   Apostolate is a continuation of the work of Christ…Apostolate is dedicating our strength to conquer for Jesus Christ (Kingdom of God): […]

26 Feb 19
Life With Mrs.P

I know this is extremely overdue but I’m finally writing about Milan! It’s going to be a long one, so get comfy and also maybe a drink? So my husband and I went to Milan for a mini break & also my birthday!! Coincidence, maybe? We went for 4 days (Saturday – Tuesday) and it […]

29 Dec 18

This funny game went viral earlier this week with multiple NBA fans responding to the original tweet. Name the best NBA player that shares the same initials as you. Mine would be Chris Webber. Shoutout to Charlie Ward, Corliss Williamson, and Clarence Weatherspoon. — Chris Walder (@WalderSports) December 28, 2018 So as a public service, […]

02 Dec 18
El Eco

Boca Juniors y River Plata saldrán a cumplir hoy con sus compromisos de la fecha 14 de la Superliga, pese a que toda su atención pasa por la final de la Copa Libertadores de América, que se jugará el 9 de diciembre en Madrid. El equipo “Xeneize” jugará en Avellaneda ante Independiente, uno de sus […]

02 Dec 18
La Arena La Pampa

Boca, que el domingo 9 de diciembre se enfrentará a River en la final de la Copa Libertadores en la ciudad española de Madrid, tendrá hoy una visita de riesgo cuando juegue con Independiente, en un partido válido por la decimocuarta fecha de la Superliga. El encuentro se disputará a partir de las 19.20 en […]

18 Nov 18
Not So Ordinary Life Extras

“You have to tell him,” Eddie chided. “You know that right?” Faye nodded, and bit her lip. “I know he’ll make a great dad but I’m nervous. This is way earlier than we planned.” “The best things in life are unplanned. I have two kids from an old…thing,” Eddie said with some hesitation at the […]

16 Nov 18
Not So Ordinary Life Extras

Faye tugged at the hem of her dress, hoping that Eddie wouldn’t dwell on it. Despite Eddie’s words of encouragement and Tom’s more than radiant outlook on life, Faye was scared. Because, if she really was pregnant…everything would have to go on hold. Could she run a restaurant with a baby that needed to be […]