13 Dec 18
Song Lyrics

Rowdy Lyrics Vic Mensa (feat. G Herbo) [Intro:] “…Fuck you and fuck your mama, fuck your family Fuck everybody that care about you Fuck your whole life, goodbye” [Vic Mensa:] HOOLIGANS! Back the fuck up! Get rowdy, get rowdy, get rowdy, get rowdy Get rowdy, get rowdy, get rowdy, get rowdy (Yeah!) Fuck up the […]

05 Dec 18
Kitty Calash

I didn’t know then that it was called changeable silk; what I knew was that the skirt rustled when I walked, and spread out like a plate when I twirled. Irresistible. Probably homemade, I would have found it in a junk shop on South Broadway in St. Louis, or at the Veterans Village thrift store […]

25 Nov 18
Urbanismo Tropical

Cuando iba al Rodadero de niño, se sentía como hacer un viaje al futuro. Crecí en los 90, en esa época pocas casas tenían siquiera dos pisos en Santa Marta y había muy pocos edificios, en su mayoría de cuatro pisos. Pero el Rodadero era distinto, tenía edificios hasta de 20 pisos. Apenas el carro […]

21 Nov 18

The weekend consisted of pop colors, wavy hair styles, and living art as Etro and Studio A Salon hosted Couture For a Cause with accomplished designer Mondo Guerra benefiting The Montrose Center. Etro Lounge is a Houston staple so I was excited to check out the new downtown location on Main and catching some dynamic […]

20 Nov 18
Scary Mommy

If you were a child of the ’90s, I know you look back and think about the things you did with your friends with fondness. Sure, you’re probably also wondering how in the hell you are still alive, but let’s face it, being a kid in the ’90s was amazeballs and we feel lucky we […]

18 Nov 18

The inaugural two-day conference posed questions around sustainability, financing young fashion brands, where tech is going and marketing in the digital age.

15 Nov 18
Bloglife: JP, Blogs, and Life

My 9 Former Crushes           Hello, having a crush on someone else during this stage of life is really inevitable. As an adolescent, I am not exempted on this. This stage of life labelled me “wild” because of the high energy I have when I’m seeing them. But, they (my 9 […]

13 Nov 18
Out Loud with Shannon

DON’T TOUCH MY SH- SHTUFF! Usually, it’s ‘don’t touch my shit,’ Adults are home. We are the last generation of Latchkey Kids We spent our afternoons alone listening to music Songs we couldn’t play loud with adults around In 1993 I was eleven, he was fourteen Too cool for me in public Best of buddies […]

08 Nov 18

The last six weeks I’ve had plenty of time while I recover from brain surgery. I couldn’t leave the house and didn’t have the energy to do almost anything. Oddly enough, I had surgery on the right side of my brain so my creativity has evaporated. I’ve been focused on analytics. I analyzed my sales […]

01 Nov 18

Art installations and activities are designed to reiterate sustainability and innovation.

12 Oct 18
Lipstick, Lattes & Pearls

There’s nothing that I love more than a killer jacket in the Fall. It’s the perfect time for layering so adding a stylish jacket is the perfect cherry on top. I’ve gathered a few jackets for you that are on the top of my wish list and range in various ways.

23 Sep 18

Recipients your men’s barefoot shoes for the gym for your smartest events for long distance running. From casual to dressy our collection of Suicoke Sandals shoes is as simple as running. Any satisfaction you go biking short treks or simple outings don’t forget to treat your feet. But just about the trend of shoes has […]

15 Sep 18

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton