19 Feb 19

François Girbaud also presented his third Eyether sustainable capsule for the Turkish denim mill at the event.

18 Feb 19

ISKO fosters awareness with its Responsible Denim event in Paris. To get a true understanding of Responsible Innovation™ in denim, discussions must revert on actual solutions. ISKO takes action for a better fashion future along with influential industry mentors. When it comes to responsible denim, ISKO is the go-to place. Since the start, the world-leading […]

12 Feb 19
Grace Whelan

Jo Davies is setting the fashion agenda in the north-west with her award-winning womenswear independent, Black White Denim. “Change yourself”, a neon blue sign reads through the window of Black White Denim – an invitation to follow in the steps of founder Jo Davies, who eight years ago opened the Cheshire-based premium womenswear independent with […]

07 Feb 19

Curated by mother/daughter team, Maxine and Erin, Toscani boutique offers an incomparable luxury shopping experience right here in the heart of Noosa, housed in the French Quarter complex on Hastings Street. Toscani boutique is based around the offerings of an unrivalled experience combining quality, individuality, style and service. Toscani stocks exclusive European labels; Ganni, Alexander Lang, Acler, […]

28 Jan 19
Kelly Corn

Helllooo friends,  Welcome to my first post!  As some of you know I got the opportunity to study abroad my last semester of college in Florence, Italy of Fall 2018.  Soooo you already know I absolutely HAD to go to Milan Fashion Week.  In Milan, anything goes… you could throw the most outrageous items in […]

18 Jan 19
Not A Moral Man

It was a Friday – I had just showered. Put on my cologne- smmmmmfffth hah! Giorgio Armani- and put on my best for a night of clubbing. I was a bit of a fashion whore. I worked in retail and spent money on nice clothes that was discounted because of missing buttons or small holes. […]

31 Dec 18

My year of 2018 was eventful, so to speak. One cannot consider just the good parts of course, but there were many firsts and there were a lot of lasts. There were happy times, friendships that bond, and new adventures to always cherish but there were things to overcome, lessons to accept, bad decisions to […]

23 Dec 18
Circular Minds

Over the years the status of the popular denim pants transformed from sturdy work garment to a symbol of self expression in the 1960s and ended up as a mass product with fatal consequences for our planet.

21 Dec 18
Song Lyrics

letter 2 my momma Lyrics by 21 Savage [21 Savage] October ninety-two when you pushed me out (Straight up) It was only right that I made a song about you (Straight up) Ain’t no tellin’ where I’d be if I went without you (On God) Wish I woulda stayed in school, but I dropped out […]

19 Dec 18

How science and tech are addressing the problems they helped create.

13 Dec 18
Song Lyrics

Rowdy Lyrics Vic Mensa (feat. G Herbo) [Intro:] “…Fuck you and fuck your mama, fuck your family Fuck everybody that care about you Fuck your whole life, goodbye” [Vic Mensa:] HOOLIGANS! Back the fuck up! Get rowdy, get rowdy, get rowdy, get rowdy Get rowdy, get rowdy, get rowdy, get rowdy (Yeah!) Fuck up the […]

05 Dec 18
Kitty Calash

I didn’t know then that it was called changeable silk; what I knew was that the skirt rustled when I walked, and spread out like a plate when I twirled. Irresistible. Probably homemade, I would have found it in a junk shop on South Broadway in St. Louis, or at the Veterans Village thrift store […]