18 May 19
LightCentric Photography Blog

Quantum Change – 2000 – 2007 Cameras.        In 1991, the Internet (perhaps better known then, as “The World Wide Web”) was introduced to the public. Prior to that time, companies like Compuserve had offered limited computer-to-computer communication, primarily used by gamers. In the mid-1990’s America Online pretty much dominated consumer use of the internet, offering […]

17 May 19

Gitzo GT3533LSUS lightweight Systematic Tripod SER.4 5S, Black – Buy – Gitzo GT3533LSUS lightweight Systematic Tripod SER.4 5S, Black

17 May 19
Flower, Botanical and Landscape Sony Mirrorless Photography by Mike Reid |

We needed some time out of town and Cannon Beach didn’t seem far enough away so we headed to Big Sur and Carmel, California.  I was really looking forward to getting some time with the Fuji GFX50s medium format camera and various lenses along the coast for some hopefully dramatic shots.  To quote Fstoppers: The […]

14 May 19
Archy news nety

The world "Photographic accessories market"The statistical survey report is an inescapable research report that contacts the most important parts of the camera accessory platform that it is important to receive from an expert or even a layman. The statistical survey report illuminates one with respect to a few of the imperative prospects , for example, […]

13 May 19
Mads Bjerke

This post will be a compilation of the last few weeks as I didn’t have time to edit and post. I have been out on many occations in all sorts of weather. Spring has been a mixed bag so far and the photo oportunities have been very hit and miss. These were all taken in […]

13 May 19

Best DSLR Video Tripods

You might think that any tripod will work when you record videos using a DSLR camera, but that’s not always true. Some features are universal, such as stability, functionality and portability. On the other hand, you will still need something that you can maneuver easily when you move the scene and change the shooting angles […]

10 May 19
Mostly Black & White

Took up bird photography lately. Using the 200 – 500 mm f/5.6 supertelezoom on my Nikon D850, I was getting good results, I thought. But when I reached for more reach,

09 May 19

Gitzo GT3532 Mountaineer Series 3 Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs #029 – Buy – Gitzo GT3532 Mountaineer Series 3 Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs #029

08 May 19
The Center Column

The primary measure of tripod stability used on this site is stiffness, defined precisely as the amount of torque required to to achieve a particular angular deflection.  While we have very accurate measurements of the torsional stiffness of tripods, we don’t have good data on amount of torque that ends up getting exerted onto the […]

01 May 19
Pretentious Narcissistic Website

After the trip to Forks, I realized I needed a mini tripod for those times when I forget my full or travel sized tripod. One that’s small enough to carry all of the time and when height isn’t all that important compared to just getting the shot. This is one of those things I’ll be throwing into the bag whenever I may encounter low light, ensuring I can use whatever shutter speed I need to get proper exposure without fear of instability.

27 Apr 19
Camera Jabber

Here we take a look at the best tripods for smart phones. Why? Features such as light painting need a steady hand, add a tripod and the effect is pro level.

20 Apr 19
Mads Bjerke

This has been a very productive week with the Easter breaks allowing me more time to get out with the cameras. It has also been a very interesting week for me on a technical level as I had access to a Nikon D850 and got a chance to compare the D500 and the D850 for […]

20 Apr 19
Camera Jabber

Carbon fibre legs, an aluminium spider and aluminium head mean the Gitzo Mini Traveler isn’t your average mini tripod but is it worth its price tag?

17 Apr 19

    From the Photographer: John Pennoyer One of my favorite wetland flowers to photograph is the White Water Lily (Nymphaea tuberosa).However it can be a challenge to get a good wetland landscape image because of their environment.  Water lillies are unique in that they are only open during the middle of the day so […]

15 Apr 19
Mads Bjerke

This was a good week in the park with a lot of good photo oportunities over a few days. It is still very cool for this time of year with frost on the ground in the early mornings, but we had some decent light at times. The herons are leaving their nests and learning to […]

13 Apr 19
This is a late parrot

Three ways of getting photographs of them little birdies “on the cheap”:

11 Apr 19
Pretentious Narcissistic Website

As promised in my previous blog post, I’m revisiting my thoughts on the Leofoto LN-324C Systematic Carbon Fiber tripod I picked up before going to Forks, WA. The trip gave me my first chance to use the tripod in a real world setting for photos I cared about. After putting the Leofoto LN-324C and LH-40 ball head through the roughest conditions I ever plan to use it in, it has stood up admirably. There are no conditions to this conclusion. It is an excellent tripod, full stop. The value oriented pricing only makes this combo that much more appealing.