08 Dec 18
Fr Morty O'Shea

Today’s homily was based on the video below that I received through WhatsApp. I actually illustrated the example used by Fr Masters by holding the Mass chalice in one hand and a bottle of Fanta orange in the other – without doing any pouring! If Jesus came into our world through the sinless and all-pure […]

07 Dec 18
Aries Point

7 December 2018, 07:20 UTC   Chasing time, focusing on the broader meaning and perception of things. The cosmic moment to tell truths, open our hearts and activate our dreams and ideals. New horizons, experiences and knowledge, after a crisis. Dream, truth or illusion?     The New Moon, at 15 degrees Sagittarius 07 ‘, […]

06 Dec 18
Tiny Camels / Jonathan Gibbs

In a way I spent November getting over reading Christina Stead. For Love Alone is a big, old-fashioned novel that’s not afraid to move slowly, and be dense, all the better to throw up bright shards of insight. I can’t quite remember why I picked up PD James. It was one of those moments when a […]

05 Dec 18

With the release of Netflix’s new show, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, I cannot help but wonder why contemporary Western society is so fascinated by on-screen witchcraft. Five years ago we were taken in by American Horror Story: Coven; three years ago it was Robert Eggers’ period horror The Witch; and today we cannot ignore […]

04 Dec 18
Soulful Yūgen

Hi there, So I guess it’s safe to say that my least favourite time of the year has arrived, the “I don’t want to leave my bed” season. Today I was walking back home from work and I realised I couldn’t feel my toes, and that made it clear to me that winter is arriving. […]

04 Dec 18
The Classical Gas

20 years later addiction is replaced by middle-aged blues. This article contains spoilers for Trainspotting (1996) It’s been 20 years since Ewan McGregor burst onto cinema screens ‘choosing life’ while sprinting away from shop owners to Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life.  Danny Boyle’s 1996, movie Trainspotting about heroin addicts growing up on the mean streets […]