16 Jul 19
Whiskied Wanderlust

Whiskey is made everywhere these days. And while the styles and flavor characteristics of each region are overlapping more and more, it’s still fun to compare whiskey from around the world. It’s even more fun to host an Around the World whiskey tasting, especially if it’s a blind tasting. Here’s how to do it. Blind […]

16 Jul 19

Benriach Founded in 1897 and built in 1898 the distillery sits within the Speyside region of Scotland’s whisky production. Built in a “ boom” period for whisky production the 1890s witnessed around 33 licensed distilleries built and with 21 of these located within Speyside it showed the region was the perfect setting for the production […]

15 Jul 19
Rant And Whisky

These are tasting notes from an invitation event held in Christchurch. The notes are provided by Ian Stopher and Mel Bromley.  I am very grateful to them both for allowing me to use their writings here on the site.  And I am considerably jealous! I have identified each author’s contribution for (to quote Mel) “… […]

14 Jul 19
Scotty’s Drams

It may not be the end of summer yet, but seeing as there has been blue skies in Scotland on a few occasions, you never know if that is all we will get! As the saying goes, “I love a Scottish Summer. It’s my favourite day of the year.” Let’s hope that good weather continues […]

12 Jul 19
Elegant Bastards

While Benromach has won over many with their old school style malt, it hasn’t quite stirred up the frenzy that each Springbank release has caused. It might seem unfair to compare them but I believe them to be related in many ways. Family owned, longer fermentation styles, less automation, good cask policy, both are the […]

11 Jul 19
The Whiskyphiles

The GlenDronach Port Wood whisky review: Not too sweet and not to sharp, very well balanced. Syrupy and smooth textured with a good weight from GlenDronach’s malty backbone, this feels perfectly constructed. 84/100

08 Jul 19

It’s been out for a while now, and I’ve been spending a lot of time with this rum, so it’s really got to the point where I need to put out the Foursquare Empery review….. What is it? Bajan Single Blended rum (molasses based, produced at one distillery and blended from both traditional twin-column still […]

07 Jul 19
The Scotch Whisky Experience Blog

Our team’s picks of the best Scotch whisky and chocolate pairings, in celebration of International Chocolate Day.

05 Jul 19
Scotty’s Drams

Collecting whisky- Just when you think you’d reached the end…. Briefly now to recap ⁃ We know why we want to collect ⁃ We know what to collect ⁃ We know what not to collect ⁃ We know how to budget ⁃ We know how to store Now what??? If you are collecting for the […]

04 Jul 19

BenRiach Founded in 1897,  the Benriach distillery is located within the Speyside region of Scotland’s whisky making production and is today a name on most whisky drinkers wish list.. The distillery produces a multitude of different whiskies including both Un – peated and Peated expressions from several different cask types… BenRiach has now followed in […]

27 Jun 19
Scotty’s Drams

Taste Review #16 – GlenAllachie 12 The Glenallachie distillery is a relatively well kept secret on Speyside. Or should I say was a well kept secret on Speyside, as given its new owner, I’d be surprised if this distillery stays on the down-low. Glenallachie is the anglicised version of the Scots Gaelic ‘Gleann Aileachaidh’ which […]

20 Jun 19
Drinks Adventures

Andrew Derbidge of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society Australia discusses the evolution of Australian whisky and some of the growing pains the local industry is currently facing.

15 Jun 19

A few of our favorite whiskies to reach U.S. shelves over the past several months.

15 Jun 19
Simba Financial

Every whisky drinker–whether connoisseur or casual–needs a go-to bottle, a standby that will reliably reside behind every airport bar, in every hotel lobby, at every highbrow restaurant and lowbrow dive bar alike. Go-to bottles are good to know, and even better to own–it’s the whisky you can pour when friends come over or when you […]