23 Apr 19
Literary Yard

By William T. Hathaway Silver spoon into the powder. Chop a line on the mirror. Deep breathing through the straw. Suck it in … sock it to my septum. Dazzle me. Yes! That’s it, feel the power of the powder. Be the power! Hail, Colombia! Not enough, never enough. Grab my smokes. Fumble, drop two […]

23 Apr 19
Whisky Reset

WR Grangestone. To kolejny tzw. “bastard malt”, czyli whisky, której dokładnego pochodzenia nie podaje producent. Wiemy tyko (a może aż), że: 1) jest to szkocki single malt, 2) wiemy z jakiego regionu pochodzi zawartość tej konkretnej butelki – Highland (czyli teoretycznie także Speyside), 3) producentem jest Quality Spirits International, firma należąca do William Grant and […]

22 Apr 19

​Review #1075 | Scotch Review #368 – Glenfiddich 19yr Age of Discovery, Madeira Cask Finish The Schtick: This is an interesting release from Glenfiddich featuring 19yr spirit that was matured in Madeira casks.  Distiller: Glenfiddich Bottler: Glenfiddich ABV: 40% ABV Age: 19 Years Nose: Sweet bread, apples, honey. Light fig. Jammy currants. Leather, faint spice, like clove and cinnamon. Vanilla cream. […]

21 Apr 19
The Single Malt Snob

Glenfiddich India Pale Ale- I love IPA beer, so why does this idea seem too wacky to work?  These people certainly think outside the box…The spirit spends some quality finishing time in oak barrels that were filled for a time with IPA beer to add in that singular taste profile. I found citrus and floral […]

20 Apr 19
Tales of Wasatch Whisky

Ahhhh the first true feeling of spring broke through today.  Couldn’t settle on a review for the evening so I’ve decided to try something a little different.  Tonight I will be sampling and doing mini reviews of a world whisky line up that I selected specifically for the spring season.  These reviews will be more […]

19 Apr 19

Scotch whisky maker Glenfiddich is inspiring the ‘Maverick’ spirit in all individuals this weekend in the ancient city of Ibadan; Saturday 29th July to be more precise. New Mavericks on the bloc, T Classic alongside Victor AD will be performing live at the Glenfiddich Mavericks’ Night happening in Ibadan at De-Lux Lounge. Both mavericks in […]

19 Apr 19

It’s the law

18 Apr 19
Travelling Whisky Reviews

Ever been on a beach in Bali and got a sweet bargain on a mint pair of Foakley sunglasses or a 100% leather-look vinyl Dolce & Banana handbag? Or anything else that looked familiar but after the 4th fish bowl fruit tingle cocktail has worn off you realise that peculiarly, something just isn’t quite right? […]

17 Apr 19
Noticias Ultimas

Los fabricantes de whisky Glenfiddich han perdido una batalla legal con una empresa india a la que acusaron de copiar su producto. El empresario indio Vivek Anasane, de 41 años, quiere expandir su empresa de bebidas con sede en Mumbai al Reino Unido con el lanzamiento de un Scotch llamado Glenfield. Solicitó registrar el nombre […]

16 Apr 19
Scotty’s Drams

Collecting Advice #2 – Convalmore 32 y.o / 1984 “When things seem to be going horribly wrong for others, that may be the time to strike for yourself. It’s not as though you are literally kicking somebody when they are down. At least metaphors don’t hurt physically….” One of the hardest things to predict when […]

15 Apr 19
Mighty Fine Malts

Consistency is a big thing in whisky. The majority of bottlings are blended from a large selection of casks which are chosen to create a vatting as close as possible to the previous vatting, and the ones 10 or 20 years ago. Winemakers tend to state vintages on their bottles, so you can anticipate variation […]

15 Apr 19

A whisky tour, why you should also have one, and some ruminations of time

15 Apr 19
News Archives Uk

In two raids in East Yorkshire, detectives have raided a drug deal. Humberside police have been holding two arrest warrants in the last 48 hours – in North Hull and Bridlington. Two people were arrested, one man in court. On Thursday, two policemen spotted a suspected drug dealer in North Hull before dropping 700-pound drug […]