22 Feb 19
Trumble Times

Glenfiddich is the world’s leading Single Malt whisky distiller, and sold 1.22 million nine-liter cases in 2017 alone. Here are 11 other facts you should know about … Source: 11 Things You Need to Know About Glenfiddich Scotch Whisky

22 Feb 19
Letters from Scotland

In 1988 I landed a job as the first foreign, full-time staff in a subsidiary of Ajinomoto, a Japanese multinational which produced Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). Ajinomoto is the sole producer of the flavor enhancer. Sanraku Inc., which was rebranded Mercian in 1990, was Japan’s largest producer of wine and a blended whiskey. I was accepted […]

21 Feb 19
Scout Magazine

The GOODS from Cibo & UVA Vancouver, BC | There are new reasons to say ‘good morning, good afternoon and good evening’ at Cibo Trattoria and UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar this March as the adjacent downtown destinations debut new breakfast and lunch dishes at Cibo and showcase single malts during ‘Fiddich Fridays’ at UVA. […]

20 Feb 19
Scotty’s Drams

There is no doubt at all that there has been a massive surge in the popularity of whisky, and no more so can this be seen in the proliferation of on-line auctions. This can be a good way of building a collection for drinking, for investment or for finding that unusual gift. So how do […]

19 Feb 19

A lot of Americans are justifiably angry that disgraced FBI official Andrew McCabe is doing a book tour rather than a stretch in some federal penitentiary. He has committed perjury on multiple occasions, participated in an attempt to alter the outcome of a national election, and colluded with other rogue bureaucrats to remove a duly […]

16 Feb 19
Portobello Book Blog

Down to the Sea is set in Newhaven, just a short way along the coast from me. It was once a thriving fishing village and still prides itself on being a very distinctive part of Edinburgh. There are two tales running in parallel in this book. In the more contemporary part of the story set […]

16 Feb 19
Test Drive News

ABERDEEN, Scotland—Drive long enough through the wilds of the Scottish Highlands, where a low sun hovers over snow-splashed hummocks more closely resembling the landscape of Hoth than anywhere you’ve been on Earth, and you might be convinced you’ve been transported to another solar system. Reality here looks so twisted, you might also start believing Mercedes-Benz’s […]

15 Feb 19
David, Janet and Toby's Adventures

Woke to another dry and potentially sunny day. Toby is watching the sun come up over the hillside, or maybe it is the sheep! Today we are going on a long walk from Dufftown to Aberlour, Craigellachie and back to Dufftown. Should be about 11 to 12 miles in total, with a lunch stop at […]

15 Feb 19

WhiskAYE Blog #10 – Aberlour A’Bunadh Authored by Josh So here we are, the tenth blog. It feels like only yesterday that we were setting this up, a couple of enthusiastic but naïve friends trying to share their love of whisky and now here we are. Seasoned veterans with a double digit blog to our […]

15 Feb 19

If you live in Scotland, there are some amazing places to visit. There are still some other places I would like to visit too! Here’s a list of my favourite places to visit! Cullen. A sea-side town with an amazing beach and the ice cream shop there makes the most amazing ice cream I have […]

14 Feb 19

Valentines for us is about memories and moments of sharing – what we enjoy and love about our times together. Last year we spent our Valentines celebration in Tofino, where the sun was warm, the air crisp and tidal surge crashing about us. With each epic wave, the foam came just inches from the tops […]

13 Feb 19
Til Death Do Us Whisky

No, no, former hardcore kids. Not that kind of breakdown. Although Scotland is a relatively small country (around the same size as our home state of South Carolina) it is home to 5 distinct whisky producing regions, all with their own signature tastes and styles. If you ask us, we’d say there are actually 6 […]

12 Feb 19
Sliding into my 50s

In my last post I was lamenting about having to pay for bus fare while I recover from a chest infection. £20 a week was not in my budget for Feb. And it was playing on my mind! I have always had a tin that held a nice whiskey bottle (Glenfiddich Whiskey) which I throw […]