26 Jun 19
Everybody Hates A Tourist

Here are your travel contests for this week. You can win trips to Malaysia; Cancun, Mexico; Iceland; Chile; China; Inverness, Scotland; South Africa; Australia; Riviera Maya, Mexico; Beverly Hills, California; Orlando, Florida; Cocoa Beach, Florida; Japan; a concert trip; and more. Good luck & be sure to subscribe to the weekly newsletter so you don’t […]

25 Jun 19

Whilst Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall highlights our global plastics crisis on the BBC, here’s yet more distraction in the form of random plastic-free drams I’ve enjoyed of late.   Aberlour A’bunadh Batch #61 [2017] Ob. 60.8% WB87.47[89] N: I smell lovely oily nutty husky sherry casks. T: Rather spirity neat. I poured in a whole heap of water […]

21 Jun 19
For Food's Sake - A Sydney Food Blog

Vanessa: This post should speak volumes to lovers of whisky and good food! You know how we at FFS feel about the latter, the former is fairly unchartered terriroty although we never shy away from alcohol of any kind.  Kingsleys at Woolloomoolo have collaborated with Glenmorangie Scotch Whisky to create a grain to glass dining […]

20 Jun 19
Whisky Gospel

The Travel Retail market is flooded with many NAS whiskies from different distilleries and Glenmorangie isn’t the exception. We’ve seen Tarlogan, Tayne, Cadboll and other releases to this market but in late 2017 we’ve seen an exception – Glenmorangie 19 Year Old Finest Reserve. Initially the 19 Year Old was a Travel Retail exclusive but […]

19 Jun 19
Back to the Mouse

During a recent Disney Cruise, we participated in the Whiskey Tasting.  The class is a chance to learn about how whiskey is made and to try four different types.  The class costs $28 per person and the amount is charged to your room.  It is important to note that if you would like to do […]

17 Jun 19
Scotty’s Drams

An affordable plan is needed! In my second article, I outlined the things that would and wouldn’t be collectable, and I hope that was helpful. But now we move further down the line and make another big decision – what is the budget for collecting? For those of you just joining the series, links to […]

16 Jun 19
AZ Master

LVMH, scrupulously even-handed acronym for Moët Hennessy-Louis Vuitton, the French luxury goods conglomerate which has a dominant interest in the champagneindustry, not least through its subsidiaries, which include moët & chandon, krug, veuve clicquot, and Ruinart, and a leading position in Cognac through Hennessy. In 2004 the group acquired Glenmorangie and Ardbeg malt whiskies and other spirit brands including Belvedere […]

16 Jun 19
townhouse swingers

Some of you have known about this, others have suspected! lol Our highly popular FREE MEMBERS PARTY is back!!!! As you all know by now, this event is in massive demand and is a strict GUESTLIST only party so I can keep an eye on numbers…we don’t want to be uncomfortably busy or go over […]

16 Jun 19
The Stitch Savant

7 out of 4 Stitch Savant Stars Deep in the marble bedrock of Washington D.C.’s esteemed hotel, The Jefferson, lies a bar that’s worth WOOF-ing about. Racquel and I are spending the night in the capitol and are planning to bar-hop in lieu of dinner, likely dabbling in charcuterie-type food along the way. We make our […]

15 Jun 19

A few of our favorite whiskies to reach U.S. shelves over the past several months.

15 Jun 19
Simba Financial

Every whisky drinker–whether connoisseur or casual–needs a go-to bottle, a standby that will reliably reside behind every airport bar, in every hotel lobby, at every highbrow restaurant and lowbrow dive bar alike. Go-to bottles are good to know, and even better to own–it’s the whisky you can pour when friends come over or when you […]

13 Jun 19
The Bartripper - One Team, One Dream.

Journey around Scotland discovering the most curious distilleries… A must for a bartender!

13 Jun 19
Site Title

By: Goodwill Thomo The Durban edition of Whisky Live and Gin celebration has descended to the shores for its third leg- nationwide tour. Whisky aficionados can look forward to a wide range of whiskies to suit their palates, whether it be a Scottish single malt or blend, American or Irish Whiskey, Taiwanese or perhaps something […]