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20 Mar 19
Global Motor Pte Ltd

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Bike price incl. arf.

$ 5’700

LTA – reg. fees. tax. arf . erp . gst

$ 1’539


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$ 7’239 ( Without COE )


  • High Trade-in Price for your bike.
  • Easy installment plan.
  • 4% interest flat.
  • Include a free Helmet.

Motor Specifications

Engine Type 4-Step, DOHC – 4 Valves
Engine Capacity 149.16 cc
Fuel Supply System PGM-FI
Diameter X Step 57.3 x 57.8 mm
Transmission Type Manual, 6 speeds
Compression Ratio 11.3: 1
Maximum Power 12.6 kW (17.1 PS / 9,000 rpm)
Maximum Torque 14.4 Nm (1.47 kgf.m / 7,000 rpm)
Starter Type Electric Starter
Clutch Type Wet
Engine Cooling System Liquid Cooled with Auto FAn
Gear Shift Pattern 1-N-2-3-4-5-6
Fuel Tank Capacity 12 liters
Lubricating Oil Capacity 1.1 Liter
Frame Type Diamond (Truss) Frame
Type Of Front Suspension Telescopic
Type Of Rear Suspension Swing Arm with Single Suspension (Pro-Link System)
Front Tire Size 100/80 – 17 52P (Tubeless)
Rear Tire Size 130/70 – 17 62P (Tubeless)
Front Brake Hydraulic Discs
Rear Brake Hydraulic Discs
Length X WIDTH X HEIGHT 1,983 x 694 x 1,038 mm
Seat Height 787 mm
Wheelbase 1,311 mm
Lowest Distance To The Ground 166 mm
Curb Weight 135 kg
20 Mar 19
The Sun
Bungled Brexit ALMOST three years on from our historic Brexit vote, we are close to global humiliation. The EU holds nearly all the cards. Theresa May is begging to extend the March 29 deadline. Brussels may demand the softest possible Brexit in exchange. As Theresa May begs for an extension to March 29 Brussels demands the softest exit possible The PM could of course head for No Deal, as half the country wants. But she lacks the guts. And Parliament is ready to defy voters and our inconvenient ­referendum verdict to stop her anyway. The Tory ERG holdouts should take a good look at themselves. If we end up with no Brexit or a supersoft version — Corbyn is already plotting one that even surrenders border controls — it will now be largely their fault. If the ERG keep holding out then Corbyn could get his Brexit which surrenders our borders Unless, that is, MPs override the appalling Speaker Bercow and approve the PM’s deal at its third airing. It will be the last chance to avoid capitulation. The last chance for a generation of feeble politicians to do their duty by our democracy and the 17.4million majority. Jobs miracle THE staggering new figures on jobs and pay make a mockery of Remainer gloom. Employment, mostly full-time, soaring to a new record. The highest percentage in work since 1943. The lowest unemployment since the mid-1970s. Wages up 3.4 per cent, well over inflation. Employment is at its highest level since WWII despite Brexit fears Panic grips Westminster, but not our economy. And, while the Tories look broken, they created the conditions for this jobs boom — and for now are preventing Corbyn’s mob from destroying it. And there is hope yet when some, like Cabinet minister Liz Truss, still admirably champion core Tory values: Lower taxes, better public services and an end to the nanny state claptrap Mrs May is taken in by. Politicians who cut costs for families and businesses, stand up for free enterprise and ensure strong policing and defence will always attract support. There are no Tory votes in virtue– signalling and hectoring us over what we eat or throw away. [article-rail-section title=”most read in opinion” posts_category=”317″ posts_number=”6″ query_type=”popular” /] PCs gone mad COPS are so short-handed they cannot cope with soaring knife crime. So why is a vicar’s wife claiming they intend to quiz her under caution for “misgendering”? Caroline Farrow called a mum’s transgender daughter her “son” on TV, as she has not yet had a sex change. Police wasting time on a vicars wife mild transgender slur is a bigger slur on use of police forces Blunt, maybe. But millions would agree. And it is NOT police business. Sara Thornton, head of the nation’s chief constables, rightly says the public “expect the basics”. That forces must “solve more burglaries and bear down on violence before we make more records of incidents that are not crimes”. Did Surrey Police not read the memo? Or are they too busy buckling to politically correct Twitter offence-seekers?
19 Mar 19
Hawkins Bay Dispatch

With super-tall glass towers, a luxury mall, and a ’grammable urban spectacle, Hudson Yards is very much a development of its time. 15 March 2019 | JAMES S. RUSSELL | City Lab Great, jagged slits of sky separate the skyscrapers that have risen like reflective missile silos at the western edge of Manhattan. Part of […]

18 Mar 19
Boreal B[l]og

A panda walks into a bar and eats shoots and leaves.  Lynne Truss’ book with that title showed how punctuation matters in a sentence.  In both instances, the panda had a meal.  What isn’t clear is whether the meal was plant based or whether a firearm was involved. Punctuation matters.  Words do, too. They matter […]

15 Mar 19

Global Truss IB-4060V Two-Way 90 Degree Vertical Flat Corner Segment – Black – Buy – Global Truss IB-4060V Two-Way 90 Degree Vertical Flat Corner Segment – Black

14 Mar 19

3/14/2019. The Futurama AO | Memorial Park PAX:19 – Room Service, The Big One, The Plague, Slow Roast, Ponzi, Wait Time, No Doze, Khakis (Respect), Folsom, Bubbles (Hate), Point Break, Lowman, Truss, Honey Stinger, Crab Cakes, Ethanol, Tonight Show, FDIC, Selleck QIC: No Doze Weather: 40. Rainy. 15-20 mph gusts at the top of the […]

14 Feb 18
Public Law Reflections

Why the Ministry of Justice now needs ‘strong and stable’ leadership in order to address its challenges.

13 Mar 19
The Daily Marijuana Observer

HEXO Corp and Newstrike Brands Ltd. announced that they have entered into a definitive arrangement…

11 Mar 19
Trendy Technical Reviews

Gangway ladder is a portable ladder of a vessel deck that is attached to the side of a ship to allow access to a small boat or pier. A gangway ladder provides access to the vessel’s deck for shore personnel, cargo crew, and seafarers. These are required by crewmen to perform safe practices. Gangway ladders […]

11 Mar 19
Learnodo Newtonic

  The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an iconic landmark in Sydney, Australia and is famously referred to as the “Coathanger“. It is a steel-arch bridge spanning across the Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson) and serves as the primary source of transportation between Sydney and the northern end of the harbour. First proposed way back in 1815, […]

10 Mar 19

What goes up must come down, right? Well, not if you’re invested in the marijuana industry. Since the year began, the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF, which holds around four dozen pot stocks in various weightings, has risen by 63%, through March 5. Since April 2017, when this cannabis-focused exchanged-traded fund debuted, it’s up nearly […]

08 Mar 19
Market Research Nest Announced that its published an Exclusive Report on “Global Autocrane (Auto Crane) Market Growth 2019-2024” in its research database with report summary, table of content, research methodologies and data sources; This report studies the Autocrane (Auto Crane) market with many aspects of the industry like the market size, market status, market trends and forecast, […]

06 Mar 19
Tech Insights

Gangway ladder is a portable ladder of a vessel deck that is attached to the side of a ship to allow access to a small boat or pier. A gangway ladder provides access to the vessel’s deck for shore personnel, cargo crew, and seafarers. These are required by crewmen to perform safe practices. Gangway ladders are available […]

01 Apr 17
Bob Cooney Part Two: Avoiding the “VR Arcade” Trap & Maximizing Its Potential  Editor’s note: Part One was published in the March 2017 issue and can be found online here. Last month, I wrote about why consumer VR might not present as significant a threat as many in the out-of-home entertainment industry seem to be worried about. The […]

04 Mar 19

That evening, Tuesday 12th February 2019, my irritation peaked at the fact that bringing morality into any political argument, let alone as it’s foundation, immediately compromises it’s authority.