04 Nov 18

So it’s hard to believe, but the countdown is on for the girls’ second birthday and Christmas. I think we are less than 50 days away! Last year I encouraged friends and family to avoid buying our girls toys and gift experiences instead. You can read my request for the girls’ first birthday here. I will be encouraging this mindset again this year, and a lot of the non-toy gift ideas are the same. Clothes, books (In the Town All Year Round is one we are specifically requesting), magazine or box subscriptions (I think National Geographic would be fantastic for the girls!) and experiences (tickets to zoos, aquariums or museums are few ideas). But for the toy-giving lovers in our circle, I have also included a wish list of Montessori-friendly toys for our two-year-olds. Here are my top 10 gift ideas for two-year-olds.

30 Oct 18

GET SAMPLE REPORT @ The global market size of Kick Scooters is $XX million in 2017 with XX CAGR from 2013 to 2017, and it is expected to reach $XX million by the end of 2023 with a CAGR of XX% from 2018 to 2023. There are 3 key segments covered in this report: […]

21 Sep 18
Rattle Tattle

    We have had to put Jean-Luc to sleep. Two days ago, he suddenly developed total back-leg paralysis, and though yesterday he was scooting around the room (on a thick plastic bag he found, making it easier!), this morning he was too miserable to move, and must have been in a lot of pain. […]

25 Aug 18
The Freeheel Vegan Family Blog

TRIP TO OCEAN SHORES AGE 3, MONTH 12 JUL 28 – JUL 31 (2018) This post is about our final trip to the ocean this summer, but it’s also about our attempt at getting Todd to drink his Goppa (non-dairy milk blend) from a ‘big boy cup’ (instead of the silicone sippy cup spouts that […]

19 Aug 18

I still get shivers when thinking about this exam. The best way I can describe it is an adult version of the 11+ ( for those of you who din’t know what this is , its an exam you take when you get into year 6 to see if you are good enough for gramamar […]

04 Jul 18
Wanderlust on a Shoestring

I am starting this article while freezing my butt off in the Puerto Montt airport, waiting for my flight back to Santiago and working life… I’m sad. Even more so since the past 2 days have been beautiful, interesting and sunny. Let’s rewind back a bit so I can tell you about my fourth day! […]

21 Jun 18
Freeheel Vegan

3 YEARS OLD…MONTH 9 APR 21, 2018 – MAY 20, 2018 TODD SAID… “Correct, mama” “It’s outside time. Let’s do this” (kick the soccer ball) “Forget it”; “That’s it, forget it” “This is pretty serious” (Eric couldn’t find his keys) “Wonderful” “Hey this is my spot” (on the couch) “Me is not into it” (Eric […]

16 Jun 18
Freeheel Vegan

WENATCHEE RIVERFRONT March 13, 2018 This year the Columbia River flooded parts of the Apple Capital Loop Trail. Click here for a local news article about the record water flow. Here’s a neat video that I found… This place is where we cruise on our scooters and skateboards, throw rocks in the river, and play at […]

19 May 18

Designed for the youngest riders, the My Free 2C 4 in 1 is ideal to develop balance and help your child learn to ride and master the scooter.

With the assist of it’s low foot board and steering lock, the My Free 2C is made toddler friendly and safer for children to move about. Similar to most Globber scooter, the My Free 2C also come with height-adjustable handlebars and power-assisted steering.

The My Free 2C 4 in 1 can be fitted with a seat and transforms into a scooter/balance bicycle for children from 15 months, just add the stick/handle and Mum can guide or push her child on the MY Free 2C 4 in 1 for better guidance.