18 Mar 19

Load shedding is sweeping across South Africa, bringing darkness, frustration and major disruptions to all households. When the lights dim and electrical appliances shudder to a halt, you know you’ve been struck by the scourge of rotational load shedding. Productivity stops for a few hours – costing the South African economy billions of rands – […]

17 Mar 19
Centrul de Resurse pentru Eco-bio Educație, Reziliență și Sustenabilitate

Mi-au plăcut comentariile profesorilor care au citit articolul trecut, legat de cartea lui Alan Alda* și de cele trei elemente – implicarea personală, povestea și emoția – care pot îmbunătăți dramatic conexiunea elevilor cu conținutul și, prin urmare învățarea. Au fost profesori care spuneau că, în fiecare oră de clasă un profesor ar trebui să […]

15 Mar 19
Fashionably ill ®

Do changes in the seasons affect your moods? Photo: Dior Vargas sits in New York’s Central Park. (Shaul Schwarz Verbatim/Getty Images for Be Vocal)

14 Mar 19
Elaine R Snyder

*Photo taken in the woods somewhere in the US. Memory fails as to exact location. 🙂 Many years ago, before Michael and I were married, he talked me into taking my first backpacking trip on the Susquehannock Trail System in Pennsylvania. Prior to this trip, my only experience was with car camping, the kind of […]

04 Mar 19
Arbor Collective PR Proposal

Thanks again for the opportunity to submit our capabilities and proposal, we hope you see that we’d be a kick-ass fit for the Arbor Collective. We want to help build the Arbor brands, expanding them qualitatively and quantitatively to build your visibility, and of course, your sales. With a strong history, solid products, and great […]

05 Feb 19
CBS Denver

Spread your shopping dollar a lot further by visiting any of these great area outlet malls. You’ll save big while you get lots of great new clothing and other brand name items.

31 Jan 19
Brushes with Brookies & Beer

I awoke quite groggy with the heat of the morning setting in quickly in my Golite Trig 1 tent. As I unzipped the door, I could smell the fresh, crisp Montana air. I looked around and it seemed like most had moved on with their travels. What time was it? Had to be around 9 […]

24 Jan 19
Ioan Cuncev

Teatrul de avangardă, teatrul absurd, teatrul nou, antitreatru, oferă imagini pentru noile comportamente ale sistemelor contemporane. Teatrul absurdului este absorbirea în artă a anumitor concepte filosofice existențialiste și post-existențialiste care se referă la eforturile omului de a da un sens situației sale golite de sens într-o lume care n-are nici-un sens, fiindcă structurile morale, religioase, […]

17 Jan 19
Hounds And Other Stuff

For the second day in a row I am up and awake at some ungodly hour, sometime after 2:05am. The first question that came out of my brain was “can I transfer data from my food tracker MyFitnessPal to Cronometer. It was a program I used before and breaks down the food in much more […]