14 Dec 18
It's A Hounds Life

In 1987 I decided that it was time to buy my first basset hound. I always wanted one after seeing a basset hound on the show Columbo with Peter Falk many years before. When I saw that ad posted on the bulletin board in the lunch room at work I called immediately. Mark had a […]

05 Dec 18
American Literary Review

Issues Liquid State – Christy Lee Rogers Fall 2018 Poetry Joseph O. Legaspi, Donald Levering, John McCarthy, Maya Phillips, John Poch, David Salner, Marjorie Stelmach, Katherine Stingley, Richard Terrill, Brendan Walsh, Kathleen Winter Fiction Kristen Arnett, Wynne Hungerford, David Priest Nonfiction  Sheldon Costa, Melissa Matthewson Interview  Ruth Williams, author of Flatlands; ​interviewed by Brian Clifton […]