14 Apr 19

Here are five of the best GoPro accessories to buy if you want to shoot better photo and video with your GoPro! Check out all of the top gopro accessories used here – Each Piece Of GoPro Gear Mentioned In this Video Pro Standard Grill Mount – Polar Pro Fifty Fifty Dome – […]

28 Feb 19
Anglican Catholic Liturgy and Theology

LETANI Letani e kgethilwe go dirišwa ka Disontaga, Bolaboraro, le Bolabohlano, le Matšatši a Kgopelo, le ka mabaka a mangwe ao a tla laelwago ke Mobišopo; mme e tla bolelwa ka mehla bonnyane Sontaga e tee mo kgweding, le ka Laboraro la Melora le Labohlano le Molemo. Letani e ka dirišwa ka mekgwa ye e […]

28 Feb 19
Anglican Catholic Liturgy and Theology

QUICUNQUE VULT BOIPOLELO BJA TUMELO YA BOKRISTE BJO BO BITŠWAGO KA TLWAELO TUMELO YA ATHANASE MKG. Kopelo ye e latelago e tla bolelwa, mo bakeng sa Tumelo ya Baapostola goba bjalo ka Koša, mo Thapelong ya Bosasa goba ya Mantšiboa ka Sontaga sa Triniti. E tla bolelwa gape mo Thapelong ya Bosasa, bakeng sa Tumelo […]

18 Feb 19
The book of Ovee

[ Season 2 , Episode 17 ] Vusi : ..ntla, Entlek… Etswang kamooo bobotlhe ….areyeng!!!!!!!! Ehmaaaaan!!!!! Le sa tlo ntomolela matlho maaaan!!!! Ke re party efedile….. Areyeng!!!!!!!! Vusi was very mad because the window that broke was very big and there was no money to replace it on that day. Everybody walked out with shame […]

15 Feb 19
The book of Ovee

[Season 2 , Episode 6] He looked back and his face just collided with a big strong fist that immediately knocked him down , his friends tried to attack but there was enough hands to deal with them all… as he was laid down on the concrete, he started feeling kicks from every direction all […]

03 Feb 19
Little Lion Laura

I write about my new Document Your Life video and some of the things behind it.

14 Jan 19
GoitseOne Mooki | Nkgo Ya Setswana

Go a itsege gore fa o batla go tswelela mo botshelong, o tshwanetse wa dumela mo go wena. Dumela mo go wena mme dilo tsotlhe di tla simolla go tsamaya ka thelelo. Dumela mo bokgoning jwa gago. Dira ka thata mme ga go na sepe se o tla retelelwang ke go se fitlhelela. Re go […]

19 Dec 18
GoitseOne Mooki | Nkgo Ya Setswana

Nako e, ke ya meletlo gape ke nako ya boikhutso. E re fa nako ya go leba matshelo a rona le go a seka-seka. E re fa tshono ya go ka rulaganya sesha dikarolo tse re bonang di tlhoka go ka siamisiwa tsa matshelo a rona. Gareng ga tsotlhe, o ithate go lekane go ka […]

03 Dec 18

Imagine traveling without GoPro in this era. It has become an must tool for the breath taking video and best photography. Best GoPro Accessories for Travel Travel Tips I’ve been traveling with a GoPro camera for 8 years. Here are the best GoPro accessories & mounts to help you share unique travel adventures from around […]

03 Sep 18
At Home with Tech

I recently returned from a week’s vacation on Cape Cod where I put my new GoPro HERO6 Black to work documenting my family’s beach and lake adventures. I especially enjoyed capturing my 8-year-old boy underwater.           But there was one problem… A crack somehow showed up on the back LCD screen! […]

30 Aug 18

What I took (pictured) (Key **  –  Surprisingly useful-don’t travel without this!) 2 ortlieb rolltop panniers I used the slightly older style panniers which didn’t come with the little sleeves to make the connectors fit snugly around the pannier frame. Because they were a bit loose it meant quite a lot of jolting of my luggage […]

03 Aug 18

The oceans are a challenging​ place to play but there are many tools for the trade that make it easier.

28 Jul 18
Lillian D. Taylor's Blog

You will find a variety of kinds of watersports, each one requiring different amounts of touch with the water. For instance, scuba diving requires total submersion, whereas wakeboarders will hardly ever have their hair wet, no less than the great ones! Because of this it is essential to make sure that the action camera you […]

28 Jun 18
Broke Girls Abroad

The flights were booked, the hostels were waiting for us, the parents were freaking out.  It was time to travel to Europe with my two best friends. We were dead set on backpacking.  In theory, I was all for this.  I would have a light load, I would not have to worry about the struggles […]