Grace Karin

24 Jun 19
Shelf Talk

Ten books coming in July that librarians across the US are loving. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman Nina likes her bookish life just fine. She works in a bookstore and is on a highly competitive trivia team. She is funny and snarky and great company (says this reader). Suddenly, a father […]

24 Jun 19

The first Roberto Rosselini film with Ingrid Bergman is primal drama, though the film was overshadowed by the huge international scandal of their offscreen romance. It is hard to comprehend that the liaison between an actress and a director, each married to others, could lead to the feverish denunciations in the US Congressional Record and […]

24 Jun 19
News Archives Uk

Since Monday, a British auction house auctioned items from the private collection of Boris Becker. Beckers lawyers have tried in vain to stop the auction. Claudia Rey 24.6.2019, 11:25 clock Boris Becker believes that he wants to hurt him personally with the auction. (Photo: Karin Hofer / NZZ) Since Monday you can buy an old […]

22 Jun 19
Books Can Save A Life

  Mormor I’d just have to trespass. It seemed no one was home, and I’d come so far. Some 4,949 miles, according to Google Maps, from central Oregon to Långås, Sweden – hoping to find at least one of the three farmhouses Mormor (Swedish for maternal grandmother) had lived in before coming to Cleveland, Ohio […]

21 Jun 19
Book Basset

I will tell you what makes me super happy. I am happy to announce my favorite Comcast turtle family, Bill and Karolyn Slowsky are BACK!!! Not only are they back but their son has grown. Fast is not for everyone, but this family of awesome turtles is. JOY!! The Girl in the Sand: A Gripping […]

21 Jun 19
Manchester Ink Link

Congratulations to Memorial High School honor roll students.

21 Jun 19
The Blog of Awesome Women

Environmental activist Petra Karin Kelly was interested in social issues from a very early age. Born in West Germany in 1947, she moved to Columbus, Georgia, with her mother and stepfather, U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel John E. Kelly, in 1960, where she immediately became involved in the civil rights movement. Learning English quickly, during high […]

20 Jun 19
Carla Loves To Read

I have been tagged before for the Liebster Award, but never did the tag. I figured I would give it a go this time around. Thanks to EziChi at The Chaise & Lounge for the tag. I loved reading her answers, it was fun getting to know more about her.

16 Jun 19
Archy news nety

MONDAY, JUNE 17TH Barbara12:00 PM, SBS VICELAND MGermany, 2012Gender: DramaLanguage: GermanDirector: Christian PetzoldProtagonists: Nina Hoss. Ronald Zehrfeld, Rainer BockWhat is it about?Directed by Christian Petzold (Phoenix, transit) Barbara Nina Hoss is a talented young doctor in the years 80 in Germany, who requested an exit visa from the GDR and, as a punishment, was transferred […]

16 Jun 19

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15 Jun 19
Perfectly Honest Film Reviews

POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING FOR EVERY EPISODE OF BLACK MIRROR! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Introduction For those of you who don’t know, Black Mirror is a sci-fi anthology series created by Charlie Brooker, that showcases different futuristic technologies and how humanity would react to them, usually to devastating and disturbing effects. It’s dark, unique, superbly written […]

13 Jun 19
Smexy Books

Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen– This is a new cover for a great book. I have enjoyed this whole series. The last person Griffin Shipley expects to find stuck in a ditch on his Vermont country road is his ex-hookup. Five years ago they’d shared a couple of steamy nights together. But that was a lifetime […]

13 Jun 19
Flowers For Socrates

June 13th is International Albinism Awareness Day * Cupcake Lover’s Day Random Acts of Light Day * Kitchen Klutzes of America Day Sewing Machine Day Weed Your Garden Day _____________________________________ MORE! Ibn Battuta, Karin Swanström and Reginald September, click

11 Jun 19
Lily Absinthe

Restoring a gown from scratch requires careful planning, knowledge of patterning, and several breathing masks…because those early silk dyes are deadly. I’m looking forward to wearing this soon, and I just restored another velvet chapeau that matches this violet shade! I got this bodice and skirt from an auction with a pinned note of provenance. […]

09 Jun 19
Knocked Up, Naturally

PUBLIC. SERVICE. ANNOUNCEMENT. FLOSS YOUR FUCKING GRILL. Your teeth. Your mouth. Not even just for me, do it for your health…. but in all honesty, this week in pregnancy, I cannot handle anything… ESPECIALLY scrolling along and seeing these red, inflamed, puffy gums situated above what look to be fuzzy teeth. It’s too much; floss […]

08 Jun 19
Frank is Emptiness

June 8th, 2019 Reno is not a very spiritual place. Well, it is probably more spiritual than Las Vegas, but that isn’t setting the bar very high. I doubt that many people have a mystical experience while in Reno, unless they come up with a straight flush while playing high stakes poker. It is a […]