23 Apr 19

A ScrapFlex lightsaber is a hybrid lightsaber hilt design that combines Graflex style (i.e. Skywalker lightsaber style) components with other pieces in order to create an original hilt design. ScrapFlex lightsaber designs vary widely in size, shape and appearance and are often constructed as one-off custom lightsabers. ScrapFlex lightsabers typically retain at least one of the […]

23 Apr 19
Upon reconsidering...

  I apprenticed to two professional photographers when cameras were mechanical things which used film. I learned about the different qualities of films, both black and white and colour, and how to process them. I learned how to affect the developing of the film by the strategic uses of the chemicals, varying the temperatures and […]

18 Apr 19

Un cordiale saluto a tutti i followers di NOCSENSEI; in queste note voglio attirare l’attenzione su alcune versioni particolari di obiettivi Zeiss appartenenti alla famiglia Biometar e Biotar. Il Biometar è un obiettivo normale con schema a Doppio Gauss asimmetrico e semplificato rispetto alla configurazione standard, trasformando il doppietto posteriore in un singolo menisco e […]

15 Apr 19

Sabertrio, a Malaysia based custom saber company, released a new line of lightsaber blade plugs. The two new blade plug designs are named: Reactor Blade Plug and Brass Pin Blade Plug. The blade plugs are neopixel compatible, when combined with a neopixel adapter like Sabertrio’s Neo Chip. The competitively priced blade plugs are $8 for […]

15 Apr 19
Casual Photophile

Two years ago we tried to help budget-conscious photographers by publishing a list of excellent but affordable rangefinder cameras. Today, as more and more people begin to understand the historical importance and to appreciate the functional brilliance of old cameras, prices for the most in-demand models continue to rise. The result of this rightful market […]

10 Apr 19
BW Photography

I know, I haven’t posted in good while. I have been far to busy beating myself up about my photography (well more than usual anyway!). I really wasn’t liking anything I made, I was trying hard, really hard! For days I would hump several Kg’s of graflex gear, tripod and bits around my regular travels […]

09 Apr 19

I purchased this Luke ROTJ style wooden lightsaber, which is called ‘Solid Wood Lightsaber’, from Etsy seller TheronThings [AFFILIATE LINK]. TheronThings, based in Canada, just started out in 2019 so it’s a pretty new store. TheronThings specializes in making STEM based wooden display pieces and toys (e.g. Solid Wood Lightsaber, BB8 Push Toy and Classic Rocket). […]

09 Apr 19
Yashica Pentamatic Fanatic

New in the shop this week I’ve presented a little bit of everything! My camera shop can be found at Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all the support that you’ve my shop over the years! Carol and I appreciate it greatly! ^.^ Please respect that all content, including photos and text, are […]

08 Apr 19
Diana's blog

PAST FEMINIST PHOTOGRAPHERS The Forgotten Woman of the Bauhaus Movement. LUCIA MOHOLY NAGY – January 18, 1894 – May 17, 1989. Lucia Moholy Photograph by Michael von Graffenried 1987 Lucia Moholy-Nagy, a Bohemian-born British photographer, writer and teacher, well known for documentary photographs of the Bauhaus, the German school of architecture, design and applied arts. […]

04 Apr 19
Envisioning The American Dream

Politics is a touchy business. There was a time when a kiss and a big hug was de rigour for a politician. Pressing the flesh is a vital part of a campaign. Politicians shake hands, they hug, and there is the ultimate political gesture kissing a baby. Now with the attacks on touchy feely Joe […]

03 Apr 19
Yashica Pentamatic Fanatic

Call it space age or mid-century if you wish, the Graphic 35 is a love it or hate it design that was the style of the 1950s. The Graphic 35 featured push-button focusing – how modern was that!? We think it’s a good looking camera given the era that it was designed in and compared […]

02 Apr 19

Black Bear Salvage [Etsy affiliate link] is a United States based Etsy store that specializes constructing ‘found parts’ style lightsaber blade plugs. The found parts approach adds a rugged realism or steampunk feel to the design of the blade plugs. Some of the designs take inspiration from in-universe lightsabers like the Graflex (Skywalker lightsaber), while other designs […]

30 Mar 19

Hello Everybody, today I park the Starsky and Hutch Saber back in the workshop and have another Stormtrooper inspired hilt to bring you. This time it is designed for the troopers of the First Order and came about after I watched The Force Awakens and saw the “duel” between the trooper called “Nines” and our new […]